“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” 
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Grail Leaders Round Table

An extraordinary 12-month journey of co-creation and fulfillment with an intimate group of remarkable leaders


... You are engaging in a deep and meaningful way with other courageous leaders over the course of a full year, establishing connections that transcend time and space.

... You are meeting and being met by evolutionary pioneers like you ~ those who have the capacity to hold the bigness of your epic vision and theirs, those who are integrated in the knowing of their own power and essential genius.

... You are seeing and being seen in your unique genius, celebrating and being celebrated for the incredible contributions that you and every other leader bring to the round table.

... You are being held in a space of unconditional love and non-judgment while alchemizing your particular wounds of leadership that inevitably arise as you integrate the gifts of your soul's heroic journey.

... You are experiencing the magic of the Beyond Field that is generated, deeply appreciating the many ways that your gifts and initiatives are interwoven with, activate and support all who were powerfully drawn to this round table.

... You are realizing the fulfillment of your original intention, birthing into reality the potent vision that has been moving through you for so long ~ filled with joy as your initiative unfolds with incredible grace, ease and abundance.

... You are embodying true round table leadership, incorporating a profound understanding of the wisdom and wonder of sovereign unity in the only way possible ~ by living it within yourself and in co-creation with others.

You are here to make a vital contribution

You are a visionary leader of an organization, a project, or even an idea ~ one that has the potential to make a significant impact for people and the planet.

This vision that courses powerfully through your veins is moving you ~ calling you to be and do whatever it takes to bring it into reality. One of your greatest fears has been that this vision will die on the vine as just another grand idea. Although you are aware of this fear, you know that this too is all part of the alchemical process of fulfilling your soul agreement to allow this gift for humanity and the Earth to emerge through you.

You are not meant to do it alone

The path of a visionary leader can be a lonely one. Few people see what you see ~ that there is a better way, that things can be different, that entirely new ways of doing and being are on the horizon.

You know you're done with the old paradigm of command-and-control leadership. You may have been drawn to engage in various forms of collaboration ~ only to be disillusioned by the lack of personal responsibility, of honoring of diverse perspectives, of direction, and of deep coherence you know is possible.

Your days as a lone wolf are over. The evolutionary leaders ~ the other lone wolves who have been going deep within themselves to excavate and refine their individual elixirs ~ are now finding each other, hearing and heeding the call to the round table, remembering that what we are here to do is {by design} so much bigger than what any of us could do on our own.

The time is now

You have done the work, moved through countless initiations, and know it is time ~ time for you to claim your seat at this round table, trusting in the knowing that your name was etched there long ago as one of the true grail leaders of this legendary moment in the evolution of humanity and the Earth.

Is your name etched on a seat at this round table?

Connect & Explore

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You may be wondering...

This may be your next natural step

The Grail Leaders Round Table will be an extraordinary experience of embodying true co-creation unlike anything you have yet known. It just may be the piece you didn't even know was missing ~ and the one that brings it all together as you give birth to the fullness of your initiative. 

Whether you're feeling like this may be the next natural step for you, or you already know one of those seats at the round table has your name on it, schedule a call with Holly to explore whether this co-creation is a good fit for you and for the Round Table.