Are you holding keys and codes to a thriving world?

It's time to bring them to the round table.


Grail Leaders Round Table

A regenerative impact activator
for extraordinary leaders

We're launching a 12-month round table experience for 12 regenerative leaders, all focusing their unique genius on co-creating exponential thriving for each other, humanity and the Earth. 

Beginning 08-08-2022

A whole new world requires whole-systems leadership

We're bringing together visionary leaders who have promising ideas and/or initiatives to work collaboratively in an intimate field of trust, coherence and mutual support ~ dramatically increasing the likelihood of success and the impact of their regenerative solutions.

This will be a carefully curated group of diverse yet synergistic leaders from around the world who are devoted to making a significant contribution to the well-being of our civilization ~ and who are highly self-actualized with the capacity to work collaboratively in solving some of the greatest challenges of our time.

The members of the Round Table will join from all over the world in weekly video calls and ongoing group communications, and will gather in person four times throughout the year for five-day retreats in very special venues in the northern and southern hemispheres.

We're weaving the best of business incubators & accelerators, mastermind groups and impact hubs into a potent round-table experience ~ flipping the script on how it's funded and creating a ripple-effect of beneficial global impact.

This is the Wholly Grail of leadership ~ regenerative initiatives prospering in a mutually thriving ecosystem.

You are here to make a vital contribution

You are a visionary leader of an organization, a project, or even an idea ~ one that has the potential to make a significant impact for people and the planet.

You may have a passion around an important piece of the puzzle in progressive movements like:

  • regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, high nutrient-density food production, soil remediation, carbon sequestration, resilient food systems
  • watershed stewardship, ecosystem renewal, ocean/grassland/rainforest restoration 
  • indigenous wisdom traditions, rites-of-passage, wilderness skills
  • holistic health & well-being
  • passion-centered learning, unschooling
  • renewable energy
  • integrated housing, regenerative building
  • benevolent technology, web3, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
  • resource-sharing commons, regenerative economic systems, alternative currencies
  • a whole host of other regenerative areas we haven't listed here or don't yet know about

You are not meant to do it alone

The path of a visionary leader can be a lonely one. Few people see what you see ~ that there is a better way, that things can be different, that we can prosper while helping the environment and society.

You know you're done with the old paradigm of command-and-control leadership. You may have engaged in various forms of collaboration, only to be disillusioned by the lack of important qualities like personal responsibility, honoring of diverse perspectives, focus, clear direction, or coherence.

Your days as a lone wolf are over. The issues you are here to address are too big and too complex for any one person or organization. The evolutionary leaders ~ those who are holding the codes of the Wholly Grail ~ are now finding each other, heeding the call to usher in a world of harmony and prosperity, together.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” 
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It takes a round table

Regenerative initiatives need to be seeded and nourished in a field of mutual thriving, with consideration for other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Immersed in a year-long experience of the Round Table, twelve leaders devoted to serving humanity and the Earth will be supported in creating and amplifying the impact they are here to make.

Through dedicated participation in this intimate group of changemakers, you will experience:

  • being seen, valued and supported by a highly resonant group of peers ~ those who are deeply committed to a core purpose that leads to greater thriving in the world
  • true co-creation with individuals who are leading from a place of wholeness and integration within themselves, operating in a field beyond power struggles and divisive behaviors
  • the synergy of unique genius and the emergence of a collective intelligence that reveals solutions far more creative and powerful than those generated by any one person or organization
  • a deeper embodiment of the new-paradigm principles of sovereign unity and round-table leadership, resolving any old-paradigm patterns that may arise in collaborating with other leaders
  • a living laboratory to prototype and refine innovative models of resource-sharing and regenerative economics that align with and unleash the toroidal flow of abundance that exists in nature
  • growth of your regenerative initiative, expanding its reach and impact in ways that preserve the integrity of its core purpose

This is the whole-systems leadership the world is longing for ... this is where you're being called to share your extraordinary gifts.

The time is now

All the money and all the brilliant solutions in the world will not lead us out of the current paradigm of extraction, destruction and oppression unless they are deployed through new leadership and organizational models. Without holistic approaches that perceive every venture as part of a greater ecosystem, and without leaders who have the capacity to inspire people in collaborative ways and who take responsibility for the well-being of all, even the most admirable efforts will prove to be too little, too late.

Can you feel the urgency?

At the same time, can you feel the peace in knowing that we've got this? The world we've been imagining is imminent ~ yet it's requiring each of us to show up and play our unique role to ground it in reality.

You are ready. You've done the work and moved through countless initiations in your leadership journey. You know it's time ~ time for you to claim your seat at the round table, trusting that your name was etched there long ago as one of the true grail leaders of this legendary moment.

Is your name etched on a seat at this round table?

Request an Invite

We'd like to learn more about you, your passions and your initiative, so the first step will be to complete a questionnaire. Click to learn more about our approach and what we're looking for.


The Framework

In the immersive experience of this regenerative impact incubator, we will connect deeply to each other, our initiatives, and the principles of round-table leadership. Here's the framework that will support extraordinary results from our time together. 

We will begin online August 8, 2022 and wrap up our year on July 31, 2022.

Quarterly in-person retreats

We will gather in person, four times throughout the year, for five-day retreats in very special venues in the northern and southern hemispheres. The exact dates and locations are yet to be finalized. Our intention is for the retreats to be held: September 2022 in Boulder, Colorado; December 2022 in the Sunshine Coast, Australia; March 2023 in Boulder, Colorado; and the final retreat in June 2023 in the Western Highlands, Scotland.

The StarHouse
Boulder, Colorado

Surrounded by pine trees and majestic mountain views, the StarHouse is crafted from trees harvested on the land and is aligned to the four cardinal directions. A very special retreat space nestled in the foothills above Boulder.

Crookneck Retreat
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Steeped in the spectacular views and mystical legends of the Glass House Mountains, the venue is set on a 10-acre orchard farm. The property backs onto the Glass House Mountains national park, in the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Kilmartin Castle
Western Highlands, Scotland

The birthplace of Grail Leadership, Kilmartin Glen is home to one of the richest concentrations of standing stones, stone circles and carved rocks in Scotland. Our final retreat will be held in a restored 16th-century castle.

Monthly presentations

Each month, you'll receive a video presentation that dives deeper into one of the principles of Grail Leadership. This will include practical tips for implementation, supporting you and your team in applying these principles in your venture, to the extent they resonate with you.

Weekly video calls

We will hold 90-minute group calls via Zoom each week. {This may evolve to bi-weekly calls, as determined by the members of the round table.}

The calls will be held at times that work for our international group, so you can touch in from anywhere you may be in the world.

Ongoing connection

In between calls and retreats, we will be connecting with each other through meaningful and ongoing engagement on a community platform. We will continue to experience greater coherence through sharing our questions, challenges, wins, discoveries and inspirations as we witness, support and celebrate each other and the evolution of our respective initiatives.

Funding, Facilitators & Fun

Learn more

We highly recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with what we're all about and why it matters.  You'll find Why Grail Leadership? and several other articles we've published on our blog

The next natural step...

The Grail Leaders Round Table will be an extraordinary experience of embodying whole-systems leadership in an immersive incubator. It just may be the piece you didn't even know was missing ~ and the one that brings it all together as you step into the fullness of your initiative and its beneficial impact.

If you sense one of those seats at the round table has your name on it, request an invitation. The first step will be to complete a questionnaire so we can begin exploring whether this co-creation is a good fit for you and for the Round Table.