"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life." ~ Joseph Campbell

Illuminate Your True Nature

Mentoring sessions with Julia McKeowen

Essential Genius

Shine light on your natural gifts and unique wisdom

Authentic Expression

Explore ways to embody and share your genius

Original Intention

Gain insight around your fundamental purpose

Your true essence is emerging

I'm celebrating how extraordinary you truly are... for you're no longer willing to betray yourself by playing small, suppressing your potential or denying your unique self. You're evolving into deeper layers, becoming more wholesome as you embody your true nature... whether you're at the beginning of this journey or well on your way, I honour you because I know what it takes to do the work you've been called to do.

You have felt a deep soul ache for many years, longing to fulfil a promise this lifetime - some ‘thing’ you feel compelled to do with a scope that's well beyond you. Your business, vision or creative pursuit is not merely a money making machine because it fills a gap in the market, nor is it just what you excel at and can comfortably do - what you are doing or dreaming up is your true nature, fully expressed.

This journey will work you - all of you - and as you deepen further into the truth of who you are, what emerges feels so easy and natural that you barely notice you are working... you're in a state of pure genius, flow and joy in all you do.

Something's moving you

Have you sensed the energy of intention, life-force and purpose building momentum inside you? It can feel like an under-current subtlety yet powerfully driving you from the depths of your being. It's moving you, all of you... spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically.

For some time now, a feeling or sense of knowing about your purpose has been both rising from within and plunging back to dormancy, creating temporary rushes of energy, highs and excitement.

Have you been teased by fleeting moments of pure conviction and clarity about what to do next but alas, that knowingness inevitably fades? Have you ever exclaimed... “Tell me exactly what you want me to do!” to the greatness of your being on more than one occasion?

Perhaps your purpose has been expressed as a business or co-creation in the past... but you soon realised that each expression had an expiry date and for good reason, as they no longer fulfilled or felt aligned with the ever-changing fluctuating you. Yet again you were asked to go deeper into who you truly are, and what emerged was a more wholesome expression of you.

Your journey begins within

Your inner realm is just as important as your outer world and you place a high value on your personal transformation and how it informs and builds momentum for your creative expressions. It doesn't feel right to pursue a job or business that gets in the way of this, because you are your purpose, forever intrinsically linked - your life fuels your transformation which fuels your purpose and your purpose fuels your life. Everything thrives in unison and cannot be separated.

Exciting times ahead!

For these are favourable symptoms indicating that your true essence is emerging from within, wanting to be expressed through you and in all that you do… in your authentic expression, your essential genius {what you really love to do} and your original intention {your unique seed within that contains both your purpose and everything you need to fulfil it}.

This is your true nature.

I find it fascinating that our true nature is often our biggest blindspot and we are not always surrounded by people who can truly see us, who stand for and actively participate in our evolution, and who are willing or able to reflect back what they see in us.

Indeed it can be difficult to see who you truly are and what your purpose is but there are literally thousands of clues, key themes, hints, subtle energies and breadcrumb trails left throughout your life by you and for you... weaving into a complete tapestry that is your true nature. 

What becomes possible when your true nature is illuminated and reflected back to you?

Something wants to shift

Regardless of where you find yourself on your metamorphic journey, I meet you there as you move into the next layer and embodiment of your true nature. I reflect back to you what’s most wanting to be seen and expressed.

Having your true nature reflected to you is a powerful experience for you, being truly seen for the magnificence of your being and what you came here to do, whether you are:

  • embarking on or presently deep in landing a vision, creative pursuit or business;
  • calling forth a shift in a particular environment, ecosystem or relationship; or
  • desiring to step into and freely express what you came here to do.

Part of my genius is tuning into the more inconspicuous subtle energies that quietly yet powerfully operate in the background of any experience, relationship, ecosystem or situation. Bringing awareness to these subtle energies can unlock a wealth of information from a multidimensional perspective - illuminating your original intention, natural genius, core message and authentic expression {aka your true nature}.

You can feel in your body when you connect to a deeper truth behind the subtle energies and the bigger picture driving your experiences. You can take a long-awaited sigh of relief as you relax more into your unique journey... so much can shift when you are no longer in resistance to any aspect of life or your purpose!

Your true nature is beckoning you

I know all too well how it feels to yearn for something more and feel off-track with your purpose. I know what it's like to suppress or resist your true nature to fit into a system that isn't designed to hold all your magnificence. You're done with feeling the pain and frustration of sacrificing your creator power and authentic self to belong or survive.

Your purpose is requesting your undivided attention and I'm here for you at this auspicious time as your ideas, dreams and visions move through you, beckoning you to embody your true nature and unique style of leadership.

Hello, I'm Julia

I'm a storyteller and true nature scout. That is, I absolutely delight in getting to the heart of who you really are and helping you express your natural genius, wisdom and creativity from this place.

This is a powerful way of being that ripples-out, touching all aspects of life including your health & wellness, epic visions, business & creative endeavours and all forms of relationship.

I inspire a world of mutual thriving for all beings,
by helping leaders illuminate their true nature, embody their essential genius and express their unique wisdom,
so they can joyfully share their creations and fulfil their sacred agreement with Earth.

About Julia

Would you like my support?

I love witnessing and working with you as we illuminate your true nature, providing insight into your original intention {your core purpose} and your essential genius {how you express this through your gifts and unique wisdom}. These sessions also create powerful shifts in:

  • any area of your life where you are wanting more flow, particularly in life purpose and creative pursuits,
  • your perception and awareness on a multi-dimensional level and where to direct your energy, and
  • your relationship with yourself and others and as you uncover more of who you are.

The greater purpose of your most challenging circumstances are often revealed so you can appreciate how they are conspiring to help you. This can initiate an alchemical process where you move through the experience whilst discovering a deeper more authentic aspect of you, a powerful remedy having the ability to inform everything.

These sessions can leave you feeling truly seen and acknowledged, experiencing great relief, clarity and confirmation about your life, business, creative pursuits and circumstances, including ways to approach situations that feel unique, natural and so perfectly "you", beyond expectations and conditioning.

What's involved

Illumination Sessions are private Zoom calls with me, Julia McKeowen. Choose between a 90min Illumination Session or the Illumination Immersion where we stay connected via 3 sessions over 9 weeks, creating a powerful energetic container and intention for your journey. 

Through dialogue and our co-creative experience, much will be uncovered allowing you to gain epic clarity, insights and realisations about key themes to support you in your original intention, essential genius and how to authentically share your magic with those who are ready to receive it. Upon purchase you will receive a link to schedule a time that suits you.

I am honoured to witness the magnificence of your being and what's unfolding in your world!

Schedule one or more sessions with me

Choose from one session or dive in to a 9 week in-depth series to support you in illuminating your true nature, essential genius and your original intention

Illumination Session

$193 USD

2 hour recorded Illumination Session


Illumination Immersion

$547 USD

3 x 2 hour recorded sessions*

*to be used within 9 weeks


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If you would like some support creating your website or sales copy, or the overall look and feel of your online ecosystem, getting to the heart of your core message helps you share your vision and services easily, naturally and authentically.