"My work is like a dialogue between me and unseen powers, like alchemy."  ~ Cai Guo-Qiang 

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Julia McKeowen

Storyteller  I  Genius Activator  I  True Nature Scout

Nature sings reality into existence, harmonising it with sound and vibration. This is expressed through the deeply moving call of a blue whale, the sweet melody of a magpie greeting the light of a new day, the hooves of wild horses murmuring into the ground... each playing a vital role in our ongoing co-creative existence. 

Nature has been singing to us for eons, what happens when we finally sing back?

As birds sing effortlessly and often without reason - they just do - so can we can achieve this wonder and ease in our creative expression - where we each uncover our truest nature and our expression becomes so natural that we do it just because... we are in sheer joy of all we do and who we are becoming.

When each human is living their genius and expressing their unique wisdom, they are singing their soul-song and contributing to a mutually thriving world for all beings. 

Here we have everything required to thrive... a plethora of resources, creative energy, ideas, experience, wisdom, passion, remembrance and skill set. I see a world where humans are activated to their truest potential and are playing the role they came here to play.

Have you heard the call from within... to illuminate and embody your true nature?

I'm Julia,

For as long as I can remember, when I catch my own thoughts rolling by, I find that I spend most of my time dreaming about how the people I love can have a better life and live in a better world.

In my eyes, what is required of this is each person living to their true nature - rather than their wounds and programming - as well as achieving mastery through their unique gifts by expressing their genius and fulfilling their original intention for being here - that is their sacred agreement with Earth.

Can you imagine a world where everyone is fulfilling this? 

I have weaved my way through many working ecosystems - online business, sales and marketing, training, leadership, IT systems and health & safety - across private, not for profit and government sectors. I witnessed myself and others sacrifice our creator power and suppress our essential genius for a job and means to survive... withholding our true nature and the gifts we came here to awaken within.

I stand for a world where it’s natural to do what we truly love and mutually thrive... where our children's creativity and interests are nurtured and illuminated from day dot by our communities, where we thrive in life and purpose and in flow within our local ecosystems. I see leaders embodying their unique gifts, creative pursuits and having the impact they know they came here to have.

Behind the scenes, I'm a story-teller {check out my podcast}, magik weaver and nature-lover who enjoys writing {check out my articles}, adventure, travel, dancing, bush walking, the beach and everything about the natural world.

Original Intention

To inspire a world of mutual thriving for all beings,
by helping leaders illuminate their true nature, embody their essential genius and express their unique wisdom,
so they can joyfully share their creations and fulfil their scared agreement with Earth

My Genius

I help re-orientate you back to your true nature by reflecting this to you in a way that you feel truly seen, acknowledged and appreciated. I do this by tuning into the more inconspicuous subtle energies that quietly yet powerfully operate in the background of any experience, relationship or ecosystem. This unlocks an abundance of data from a multidimensional perspective... making sense of pivotal life experiences and challenges, illuminating your original intention.

My genius is also deeply connected to the natural world and our bodies. During my late teens I faced a series of health challenges spanning two decades. Through this I gained direct experience of the art of body alchemy and unearthed a unique pathway to freedom from chronic pain & fatigue and depression & anxiety using simple techniques sourced from within and throughout the natural world. 

I passionately believe that everyone, of all circumstances can choose to connect to their body wisdom, achieve vitality and find comfort and joy being in their body.

I've realised a vital key to our ongoing fulfilment is to rekindle our connection with the natural world. This is how we thrive in a multi-dimensional being {physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually}...

~ when we connect with nature we are in harmony with our ecosystem ~

~ as we be in nature we remember our true nature ~

~ and when we create as nature does we are in tune with the creative force of this universe ~

Work with Julia

I inspire you to tap into your genius and become a beacon of light for your message, illuminating the path of fulfilment of your original intention

Illumination Sessions

Be truly seen and appreciated for who you are and what's emerging in your life as we shine light on your true nature including your authentic expressionessential genius and original intention - helping you embody your unique style of leadership.


Unleash Your Core Message

Do you need support creating your website or sales copy, or the overall look and feel of your online ecosystem? Getting to the heart of your core message helps you share your genius and services easily, naturally and authentically.


Wellness Guidance

Are you wanting more energy & vitality, freedom from pain and to do the things you love? Unleash your vitality well, cultivate body wisdom and regenerate your body, mind and heart, naturally.


Grail Leaders Round Table

A 12-month round table experience for leaders of regenerative systems-change initiatives, focusing their unique genius on co-creating exponential thriving for each other, humanity and the Earth. 

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Relish in a stream of embodied wisdom activating powerful shifts in perspective that liberate you from self-sabotage and illuminate your true nature & wisdom within.

Connect with Julia

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me. If you'd like to connect more deeply, see the offers for how I can support you. Alternatively, you're welcome to send a message.


Gracious words...

Annalie McKeough

Founder, Centred Connections & Sonic Dreaming

 I have always struggled expressing into words that communicate the heart of what it is that I do & what I am here to be, clearly & to the point. Over the years I have tried many different approaches and methods to try and get this information out of me but they always left me feeling like I was forcing, controlling or suppressing my expression. It really felt like hard work.

Being in Julia’s presence is like experiencing a full bodied permission slip to explore, express and BE who you truly are. Dissolving the need to be “perfect or polished”. The safe space she holds is inspired energetically with absolutely anything is possible, whilst also feeling incredibly held & safe to explore, your authentic truth and “try on” different ways in which it may want to be expressed.

The care, unconditional love & non-judgement she exercised with me was exactly what I needed to get to the core of my original intention. It wasn’t a forced process at all which allowed me to organically unwind from what I thought I had to be or say and really receive the answers I needed for myself as I needed them, whilst being there to encourage, reflect & guide me.

Julia was able to walk me through very practical tools to unearth my truth which really worked with & honoured all parts of me. It felt so graceful and so simple. I was constantly surprised by what we would uncover each session.

I have never had so much fun writing copy in my life. I didn’t just receive practical tools to express & communicate through the written word, I received so much more! Julia was a midwife holding my hand through the process of birthing a part of me I thought I would never have the courage to express. No amount of words could ever suffice to how grateful my heart is for the gift that is YOU!

Mara Dower

Founder, Cosmic Spider & The Real Love Movement

Julia, thank you! It feels like a work in progress as I have continued to work with you over the years. More recently though, we began with a clearing of past energies through the "Closure Process", that was profound and made way for clarity to come through. We then dived in to your "Immersion Sessions" focusing on my Original Intention ~ my purpose and why I originally came to the planet.

For a long time I have sat with: who am I, what are my unique gifts and more importantly, how do I bring all the pieces of content, information, skills, love into clarity and focus for my work in the world? Working with you these past 3 months, has brought 20 years of soul-searching into distillation.

Your ability to connect to my Essence; your line of questioning; and then your exceptional word-smithing has helped bring my website alive with content for my Home, About pages, and the launch of my offerings out in the world.

I have immense gratitude ~ Mara xx

Megan Strandring

Co-Founder & Visionary, Crookneck Retreat

Julia has a remarkable gift of activating and seeing who you really are - a rare gift today! She walks and talks pure embodiment and shares this essence with everyone she meets.

Within the realm of coaching, Julia brings forward a new paradigm... of collaboration and wisdom. She not only shares her gifts, she is receiving the true reflection of what it means to be human.

It's an honour to walk this world with Julia. She has encouraged me to follow my own path, my true nature. Her love, kindness and wealth of knowledge has enriched my life. The superabundance she exudes is contagious and impacts the ground she walks upon.

In her presence, you witness endless possibilities for yourself and humanity. I know this has been said many times over, but truly, Julia really is a woman who is changing the world! I’m excited about the possibilities and my journey with her.

Love Megan

Christine Billings

Founder, SheWolf

Julia has changed my life in many beautifully profound ways. She has incredible universal and cosmic wisdom that is so infinite and yet grounded, backed by her personal experiences. Julia has utilised the incredible gift of being able to use her anchored wisdom and magnificent intuitive abilities to ignite my passions and dreams and to assist me in bringing them to life!!

I can confidently say that Julia is one of the wisest people I know and has a way about her that has shown me who I am at my deepest most hidden point. She exposes you to yourself with such grace and gentleness that you feel as though it’s been so obvious all along!

Julia connects the lights dotting through the path of your life that brings you to understand your greater purpose on the planet and why your life has been the way it has. Julia has helped me to understand the beauty and wisdom in my trauma to transform my struggles and oddities into my greatest gifts to be shared with the world.

Julia is a majestic magical being who is leading humanity and the world through this great transition both with her one on one work and her exemplary way of being. I am infinitely grateful for the impact Julia has had on my life and my being. Julia is a gift for the planet and a unified coherent embodiment of the intricate specialness it is to be human.

Carly Bell

Founder, Kahuna Carly and Her & Her Fitness

Over the past 4 years I have had the honour of working with Julia to support my many business adventures, from running personal growth workshops, to running crazy dance events.
Julia has been the only person in Business that I have invested my time and money in, I have experienced an incredible amount of growth from her wisdom, she is someone that I can say I truly trust with my business and vision, she has taken the time to really understand me, who I am and supported me to have clarity and focus on doing what really lights me up and makes my soul feel on fire.
Before working with Julia I disliked sales, and didn't fully back myself and believe in what I could really do, after spending time with her, I started to understand a new way of doing business, and that I have this incredible power within me to grow a business through sales, and focusing on what is truly important.
Julia is someone I feel and see as wise beyond her years, she not only had educated me in many areas in business, but also with my health.
Every interaction with her when it finishes leaves me feeling more alive and ready to take action.
It's definitely a very wise investment if you are thinking about working with her!

Sarah Housley

Founder, Adventurous Hearts

Julia is a radiant light and absolute blessing in my life. She has this incredible ability to tap into the energy and give voice to exactly what needs to be shared in any given moment. In her presence I feel fully seen, appreciated and connected to my true nature. I am immensely grateful for her example, her guidance and her unconditional love over the years. Being in her field has activated so much within me and supported me through many big and important shifts in my life.

Julia is an amazing story teller and wisdom weaver, sharing the wisdom of her many profound experiences so generously and articulately. She has a way of expressing herself so that I effortlessly drop from my head to my heart and connect in with the energy of her message in a way that translates perfectly to my life. Her transmissions are multidimensional and transformational. I always receive the exact message that I need to hear, and many times I never knew I needed to hear it until I heard it! Julia’s stories capture me, warm my heart, inspire me and support me in navigating the sometimes challenging terrain of my own life journey. 

Wisdom is constantly and effortlessly streaming from Julia, and I feel that what she has to share, the world is ready for and needs to hear. The timing of her new solo*podcast feels so natural and so perfect! Streaming Wisdom captures the beauty, power and wisdom of Julia’s essence and is an absolute joy to tune in to. I’m so excited that more of our human family now have the opportunity to receive Julia’s wisdom and experience the powerful activations within themselves and their own life. What a gift!