"My work is like a dialogue between me and unseen powers, like alchemy."  ~ Cai Guo-Qiang 

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Julia McKeowen

Storyteller & True Nature Scout

Nature sings reality into existence, harmonising it with sound and vibration. This is expressed through the deeply moving call of a blue whale, the sweet melody of a magpie greeting the light of a new day, the hooves of wild horses murmuring into the ground... each playing a vital role in our ongoing co-creative existence. 

Nature has been singing to us for eons, what will happen to our earthly reality when we finally sing back?

As birds sing effortlessly and often without reason - they just do - so can we can achieve this wonder and ease in our creative expression - where we each uncover our truest nature and our expression becomes so natural that we do it just because... we are in sheer joy of all we do and who we are becoming.

When each human is living their genius and expressing their unique wisdom, they are singing their soul-song and contributing to a mutually thriving world for all beings. 

As our essential genius is uniquely expressed, we have everything required to thrive... a plethora of resources, creative energy, ideas, experience, wisdom, passion, remembrance and skill set. I see a world where humans are activated to their truest potential and are playing the role they came here to play.

Have you heard the call from within... to illuminate and embody your true nature?

I'm Julia,

I have weaved my way through many working ecosystems - online business, sales and marketing, training, leadership, IT systems and health & safety - across private, not for profit and government sectors. I witnessed myself and others sacrifice our creator power and suppress our essential genius for a job and means to survive... withholding our true nature and the gifts we came here to awaken within.

I stand for a world where it’s natural to do what we truly love and mutually thrive... where our children's creativity and interests are nurtured and illuminated from day dot by our communities, where we thrive in life and purpose and in flow within our local ecosystems. I see leaders embodying their unique gifts, creative pursuits and having the impact they know they came here to have.

Behind the scenes, I'm a story-teller, magik weaver and nature-lover who enjoys writing {check out some of my articles in my blog}, adventure, travel, dancing, bush walking, the beach and everything about the natural world.

Original Intention

To inspire a world of mutual thriving for all beings,
by helping leaders illuminate their true nature, embody their essential genius and express their unique wisdom,
so they can joyfully share their creations and fulfil their original intention.

My Genius

I help re-orientate you back to your true nature by reflecting this to you in a way that you feel truly seen, acknowledged and appreciated. I do this by tuning into the more inconspicuous subtle energies that quietly yet powerfully operate in the background of any experience, relationship or ecosystem. Bringing awareness by listening and tuning into the subtle energies can unlock a wealth of information from a multidimensional perspective... making sense of pivotal life experiences, illuminating your core message and gaining insight around authentic expression of your essential genius.

My genius is also deeply connected to the natural world and our bodies. During my late teens I experienced a health challenge spanning two decades. Through this I gained a powerful lesson and embodied the art of body alchemy and this continues to impact and inspire many others to initiate their own journey of self-healing. I unearthed a unique pathway to freedom from chronic pain & fatigue and other conditions using the most simple yet profound techniques found both within our magnificent bodies and throughout our natural world. I passionately believe that everyone {of all circumstances} can achieve comfort and joy being in their body, awaken their inner-health practitioner and reclaim their power when it comes to healing. 

I've realised a vital key to our ongoing fulfilment which is rekindling our connection with the natural world. This is how we thrive in a multi-dimensional being {physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually}...

~ when we connect with nature we are in harmony with our ecosystem ~

~ as we be in nature we remember our true nature ~

~ and when we create as nature does we are in flow... with the creative force of this universe in all expressions ~

Work with Julia

I inspire you to tap into your genius and become a beacon of light for your message, illuminating the path of fulfilling your original intention

Illumination Sessions

Be truly seen and appreciated for who you are and what's emerging in your life and creative pursuits as we shine light on your true nature including your authentic expressionessential genius and original intention - helping you embody your unique style of leadership.


Unleash Your Core Message

Do you need support creating your website or sales copy, or the overall look and feel of your online ecosystem? Getting to the heart of your core message helps you share your genius and services easily, naturally and authentically.


Grail Leaders Round Table

Join an intimate group of evolutionary leaders for an extraordinary 12-month journey as you each bring your vision and initiatives into reality, while experiencing true co-creation and sovereign unity at the round table.


Connect with Julia

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me. If you'd like to connect more deeply, see above offers for how I can support you. Alternatively, you're welcome to send a message.


New Solo*Podcast is on the way...

{available Feb 2022}

Relish in a stream of embodied wisdom activating powerful shifts in perspective that liberate you from self-sabotage and illuminate your true nature & wisdom within.