“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Our Principles & Values

These foundational principles are like the ground we stand on, the ocean we swim in, and the guiding light that continually leads us home.

Throughout our daily lives and our work in the world, we are devoted to the remembering and embodiment of these principles and values in ourselves and in all others who so choose:

Unconditional Love

The true nature of this Universe of Light, and every being who chooses to exist within it, is unconditional love.


Sovereignty is found in the conscious awareness of our true power as an infinite creator being with the capacity to consciously choose, regardless of external circumstances. This is a form of radical self-responsibility, remembering that we {at some level of our being} are the source of creation of all our experiences ~ no longer feeling any need or desire to assert power over others who are viewed as less powerful, nor to gain power from others who are viewed as more powerful.


Every living organism is an interconnected ecosystem of ecosystems, all in constant co-creation with each other, and each an inseparable fractal aspect of the unconditional love of the Universal Creator.

Sovereign Unity

The divine is manifest in this Universe of Light through a dance of polarities, of the masculine aspect of Sovereignty and the feminine aspect of Unity. Sovereign Unity is our natural state and is experienced when those polarities are dancing dynamically in harmony, beyond opposition.

The Beyond Field

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” ~ Rumi  The Beyond Field, a co-created field of energy, exists in the harmony of polarities that is wholeness. When our awareness resides in this space, through tuning in to the subtle energies present, we consciously experience unconditional love, abundance, clarity, and “beyond solutions.”


Every sentient being is a whole and complete fractal aspect of the Universal Creator, originating with her/his Greater Being through a co-creative, mutually beneficial agreement with the Universal Creator.


At the core essence of every human being is a unique genius, a “magic elixir” that enriches humanity, Earth, and the entire Universe ~ and is essential to the co-creation of the whole. Authenticity is the experience of expressing and co-creating from one’s essential genius, being the author of the story of our lives.


Every human being has an original intention for incarnating ~ a raison d’être, the desire for impact that inspired the conception into form. Similarly, every business, organization, church, community or initiative can be viewed as a living organism with an original intention, co-created into form by its visionary and founders to fulfill an original intention that is streaming through them. An original intention is a fractal seed that contains all of the information, resources and energy to attract whatever is required for its fulfillment.


Within the true, organic nature of every living organism and every ecosystem is an abundant, regenerative flow of natural life-force energy. We experience more grace and ease as we increase our awareness of, align with, and surrender to this flow.


We may choose when, how and with whom we share ourselves, our principles & values, and our actions. In living from our authentic being, we remember that we have nothing to hide, and nothing to defend or protect.

Mutual Thriving

True co-creation is rooted in the intention for mutual thriving ~ win-win-win exchanges {direct transactional and beyond} in which the essential well-being of each individual is being supported through an interconnected flow of giving and receiving. Thriving includes the meeting of whatever each individual determines, in relationship with her/his whole self, is essential to experiencing:

a. physical well-being ~ ease, flow, and vitality within the physical body, in communication with the body’s natural intelligence and wisdom

b. emotional well-being ~ being seen, loved, appreciated and supported, regardless of what one is currently experiencing or expressing, in connection, community and relationship with self and others

c. mental well-being ~ cognitive liberty and peace of mind, including learning, unlearning, and expanding the mind’s capacity to hold multiple perspectives as true

d. spiritual well-being ~ embodying the true, organic divine nature of one’s Greater Being in sovereign union within one’s human vessel; expressing one’s essential genius; fulfilling one’s original intention; and being in alignment with the flow of nature and the interconnectedness of life

Round Table

A Round Table is a sovereignly united nexus {SUN} ~ a cocreation of diverse genius, formed around the central flame of a shared original intention, giving rise to and informed by the regenerative, toroidal flow of nature.

a. Each member of the Round Table is consciously aware of her/his power as a sovereign creator being and is devoted to the ongoing alchemical process required to bring her/his own unique genius into greater embodiment and expression.

b. Each member of the Round Table sees, appreciates and stands for the sovereign creator power and essential genius of every other member of the Round Table.

c. Each member is free to express her experiences, feelings, ideas and thoughts into the alchemical cauldron of the Grail. Other members weave their reflections, feelings, ideas and thoughts if they so choose. This process supports healing and integration, through which the way forward personally and collectively arises naturally.

d. Members relate to each other through embodying the principles and values of Grail Leadership, including unconditional love, appreciation of one’s self and others, authenticity, transparency ~ all of which bring about the level of trust and intimacy required to be in co-creation at a Round Table.


Round-table leadership is an experience of Synarchy ~ a harmony composed in accordance with natural universal lore ~ syn- meaning “with” or “together” and -archy meaning “governance.” Each person seated at a Round Table is a sovereignly united leader in her own right, acting when feeling called into leadership in the moment, similar to a musician knowing her time to chime in to the orchestra. This symphony of leadership is in a dynamic state of momentum and flow between leaders, depending on the situation, context and genius called for in the present moment.

Synarchy is the organic self-organising nature of a like-minded group dedicated to the highest values. Synarchy occurs as those [group members] come together to share, inspire, co-create, and prosper through their ideas and innovations…. Synarchy needs the elements that make up hierarchy, but without the ego. At its core, synarchy always has the beating heart of a higher ideal, and … the members of a synarchy all serve the ideal in their own unique way.” ~ Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys