“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”
~ Brene Brown


This is a collection of inspired writings intended to open a conversation, offer new or different perspectives, and explore what's possible when we stretch beyond previously known limitations and imagine leadership as a force for good. 

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Questions in
Epi(demi)c Times

Creating space for sovereignty, grace and true leadership in the seemingly chaotic swirl of challenging questions, feelings and cellular memories

The Hero's Journey of
Grail Leadership

Boldly stepping into our seats at the round tables, sharing the gifts of our magic elixirs, being Grail leaders in the dawning of a world in mutual thriving

Leading from
a Round Table

Round-table leadership is the way of our future ~ a future in which leaders are in service to the greater whole, a future in which business exists as a force for good

Living and Leading
in the Genius Zone

Enlivened, emboldened, and operating from a different echelon ~ a bandwidth of higher frequency that is characterized by more grace, ease and flow

Mutual Thriving Networks:
from Silos to Synarchy

Our currently prevailing business model of self-contained units goes against nature and is entirely unsustainable. There is a better way.

From Profitability to Prosperability

Shifting the focus in business from short-term financial returns in isolation to a holistic view of true wealth, abundance and prosperity

Hurricane Wisdom and the Abundant Force of Nature

Forget rainmaking. Focus instead on creating an open vessel for rain to flow through your business with far more grace and ease. 

Calling Grail Leaders
to the Round Table

A very special beckoning from your soul that you have, at some ancient and deep level, already said Yes to ~ a story that is already written in the stars.

Grail Dream Team:
One Possible Example

An example of what a round table could look like in the area of local regenerative food and farming ~ a mutual thriving network of essential genius

My Journey of (Be) Coming Home

A Hero's Journey and Heroine's Journey of coming to more deeply know, appreciate and (be)come Home through the illusion of the American pipe dream

Activating the Grail Codes on a Pilgrimage through the UK: Part 1 ~ England

Unbeknownst to me as I set out, this would be a journey of reconnection and reactivation of the Grail Codes carried in the cellular memory of my DNA.

Activating the Grail Codes on a Pilgrimage through the UK: Part 2 ~ Scotland

The land of unicorns, the Tuatha Dé Danann, an Egyptian princess ~ and the true origins of Avalon, King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table.


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