Thank you for your interest in the Round Table

We are excited to meet you and to learn more about you, your passion, and your regenerative vision! We're hoping this page gives you a bit more insight into our process. 

Our approach

We are in the process of curating a remarkable constellation of leaders for this inaugural Round Table. Since two of the twelve seats around the table are already filled by Holly and Julia, we will be welcoming ten additional leaders to be a part of the year-long regenerative impact incubator.  

This will explain our approach, as we're currently envisioning it.

Step 1 ~ Questionnaire

As a first step, we ask that you complete a questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your vision or initiative a bit better. We will stop accepting questionnaire responses on June 30th. 

Step 2 ~ Video Call

If it seems like a good fit based on your questionnaire responses, we will invite you to a video call with Holly and Julia to explore further the degree of potential resonance between you and the Round Table.

Step 3 ~ Group Video Call

We envision hosting a group video call in early July, with all the people who we are sensing could be members of the Round Table. This will give us a better feel for the potential synergy and resonance between individuals and initiatives, an essential factor in the ultimate coherence of the group. 

Step 4 ~ Invitation

By mid-July, we will extend invitations to the ten additional leaders whose names have been revealed to be etched on the seats at this first Round Table incubator.

We will keep you informed every step of the way, either letting you know that we've chosen not to proceed further with your request or that your request is moving on to the next phase. 

We anticipate receiving an increasing number of requests as awareness grows and the deadline for accepting questionnaire responses approaches. So, please send us your questionnaire response as soon as possible, as this will help us tremendously in meeting our intention to review every response with the great care, spaciousness and focus it deserves. 

What we're looking for

Our intention is that this first Round Table experience will be a model for what is possible when regenerative leaders come together in true co-creation, experiencing the synergy and support of the group in exponentially expanding the impact of their initiatives, leading to a ripple-effect of mutual thriving for people and the planet.

With this intention, we are looking to curate a group that embodies the extraordinary nexus of these three factors:

  • regenerative initiatives with the potential to make a significant impact for the well-being of humanity and/or the other members of Earth's ecosystems
  • leaders who are self-actualized, personally responsible and ready to participate fully in co-creation ~ contributing to and receiving from the other members, their initiatives and the Round Table as a whole
  • a high degree of synergy and coherence amongst Round Table members and their initiatives
Regenerative initiatives

The initiative you're bringing to the table could be anything from a clear vision that you're ready to develop into tangible form to a fully operational business venture. You may even have more than one initiative you'd like to include.

Or, you may not yet be stewarding an initiative but know that you are here to be a leader in the regenerative space, with a burning desire to contribute your passion and gifts to bettering our world. 

We are committed to assembling a diverse group of individuals. We envision a healthy mixture of seasoned leaders with full-fledged initiatives underway along with those who are newly emerging as regenerative leaders.  

We welcome requests from for-profits, non-profits, hybrid organizations, and those with no formal business organization. That said, we are less likely to extend an invitation to organizations in which equity has been promised to investors (other than founders and employees).

Regenerative leaders

We hope to engage with a wide range of people: entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, community leaders, youth, and other people with ideas, passions, capacities, and drive that could contribute to our flourishing future. These individuals could be located anywhere in the world, from a diversity of socioeconomic, educational, generational and cultural backgrounds.

Synergy and coherence

These are qualities that are less tangible, the product of subtle energies that are generated in a group field. While we can't articulate exactly what we're looking for here, we will know it when we feel it ... and so will you. We'll be bringing to bear our direct experiences of coherence in sensing into where the greatest potential lies as we carefully curate this remarkable constellation ~ through lots of listening, curiosity, humility and transparent communication.

More information

The year-long regenerative impact incubator will be a significant commitment of time, energy and focus for those who join the Round Table. So it's vitally important that you feel a high degree of resonance with the principles and core values of Grail Leadership. 

Prior to completing the questionnaire, we highly recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with what we're all about and why it matters.  You'll find Why Grail Leadership? and several other articles we've published on our blog

Is your name etched on a seat at this round table?

Introduce Yourself

We'd like to learn more about you, your passions, and your initiative to explore whether you and the Grail Leaders Round Table are a match at this time.