"There is a force within the universe that choreographs everything, and it is found right inside you” ~ Richard Rudd

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Express the heart of your business, vision or creative pursuit
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Masterfully convey your true nature, what you do and the heart of your vision

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Your true purpose is emerging

The seed within you is blooming. It contains your essence and all you need to birth your big creative pursuits into reality. You are sharing your unique wisdom and true nature with the world.

This is the heart of who you are and what you're really here to do. It takes deep surrender, courage and fortitude to walk this path, a path that often strays far from the status quo.

Your business, vision or creative pursuit wholeheartedly fills your cup and it generously overflows, reaching far beyond you... because your impact changes lives and communities, benefiting many as your true nature ripples out to the world.

With a scope like that, it's been a big journey thus far - both inward and outward - and getting here has worked all of you in the most extraordinary way. As you deepened further into the truth of who you are, what emerged was your fundamental purpose... a gift wanting to be shared or a vision waiting to be realised.

Your purpose or original intention continues to unravel and reveal itself and subsequently, many 'aha' moments and iterations have been made... each adjustment getting closer to the heart of what you do. You embody this further every day and in every way.

You come alive expressing your essential genius and whether these are glimpsing moments or your everyday experience, operating from this place feels so easy and natural that you barely notice you are working... you're in a state of flow and joy in all you do. The more you do this, the more you see yourself and your magnificence as it's reflected back to you by others.

It can be challenging at times... many tears have fallen and moments of uncertainty visit, each time you go deep within to see what is in the way and in doing so, you move right through it. You grow, expand and relax deeper into the truth of who you are, naturally fine-tuning and harmonising your outward expression.

You've been called into being and action, and you're happily compelled and ready to fulfil your original intention. Whilst you know you always have choice, you also feel a mysterious contradiction to this... a burning desire reinforcing that you don't really have a choice anymore.

It's time. 

Your vision, business or creative pursuit is moving you - it has for a while now - and it doesn't feel right to continue avoiding or putting it off any longer. It desires your attention, but where to begin?

Something wants to be expressed

I'm familiar with the discomfort and frustration of failing to clearly express what you do when it truly matters. Getting to the heart of your core message allows you to share your services easily, naturally and authentically... both in conversation and throughout your website and sales offers. This powerfully captures:

  • who you are {your true nature},
  • what you do {your essential genius},
  • how you do it {your services or offerings}, and
  • why you do it {your original intention}.





What's in the way?

Many heart-centred leaders, creatives and visionaries struggle with uniform marketing methods because it can never truly capture their services both authentically and in alignment with their values.

It can feel limiting to box yourself into a niche that under-describes you and can't possibly capture your multi-passionate expression. My genius is exploring and uncovering unique ways for you to convey your core message that:

  • speaks to the heart of your vision and what you do;
  • expands you beyond the confines of one gift, passion or genius expression;
  • naturally attracts the perfect match of clients and/or co-creators; and
  • feels really good to you, in integrity with your values and beyond the conditions of uniform marketing. 

Our 'jam' sessions are dedicated to illuminating all of this and exploring ways to share your services or vision whilst being fully expressed and clearly communicating who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

When you know this in yourself, everything flows from that place. It's much easier to claim your unique wisdom, express your genius and attract people who are already attuned to your greater vision. 

I'm here for you as your ideas, dreams and visions move you. I'm honoured to support you in getting to real clarity in sharing your services and creative pursuits... so you can have the impact you truly desire. 

Hello, I'm Julia

I'm a storyteller and true nature scout. That is, I absolutely delight in getting to the heart of who you really are and helping you express your natural genius, wisdom and creativity from this place.

This is a powerful way of being that ripples-out, touching all aspects of life including your health & wellness, epic visions, business & creative endeavours and all forms of relationship.

I inspire a world of mutual thriving for all beings,
by helping leaders illuminate their true nature, embody their essential genius and express their unique wisdom,
so they can joyfully share their creations and fulfil their sacred agreement with Earth.

About Julia

Would you like my support?

What would it feel like to easily articulate your unique gifts, services and vision?

Unleash Your Core Message jam sessions provide the space to stream ideas about how you can express and articulate your genius. Together we can:

  • Elicit and distill your core message... based on your story and key themes that are informing your purpose;
  • Achieve clarity around who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it;
  • Re/create sales, events & website copy and the overall look and feel of your online ecosystem;
  • Work on your scripts and camera presence for your sales/landing or homepage videos
  • Discover unique ways to share your vision, creations and services; and
  • Feel into the next best steps creating forward momentum for your business, creative pursuit or vision.

Some essentials to consider...

Who are these sessions for?

emerging, maverick & visionary leaders, heart-centred entrepreneurs, mentors & coaches, healers and artists

Unleash Your Core Message is ideal when you:

  • Are ready to create and you want to get to the heart of your core message and purpose,
  • Are already in a creative process and haven't articulated your services or vision... at least in a way that feels really good to you,
  • Want to refine your sales, events or website copy,
  • Require support in creating sales/landing or homepage videos including scripts and camera presence,
  • Are creating an online ecosystem to capture your big vision or services on offer, or
  • Want to explore aligned offerings that express and nurture your natural genius.

What's involved?

These are private sessions via Zoom with me, Julia McKeowen. Choose between a 90min session or the full Immersion where we stay connected via 3 sessions over 9 weeks... here's where we can create some serious momentum in gaining clarity on your core message. 

Through dialogue and our co-creative experience, much will be uncovered allowing you to gain epic clarity and insight about your true nature and purpose... informing your sales, events & website copy and how you express yourself authentically.

Upon purchase you will receive my scheduling link to book a time that suits you.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and getting to the heart of who you are and what you're here to do!

Schedule one or more sessions with me

Choose from one session or dive into an immersion over 9 weeks to get to the heart of your core message and discover ways of sharing your essential genius, authentically.

Unleash Your

Core Message

$243 USD
  • 90min recorded consultation
  • 1 hour of copy writing and feedback following session

Unleash Your 

Core Message

$633 USD
  • 3x 90min recorded consultations*
  • 1 hour of copy writing and feedback following each session {3 hours in  total}

*To be used within 9 weeks


Illuminate Your True Nature

You may not be ready to unleash your core message at this stage. If you're in a process of self-discovery around your true nature and purpose and how to express this, know that you are on your way and if you desire any support, see Illumination Sessions to help you unveil and activate this within.


Illuminate Your True Nature

You may not be ready to unleash your core message at this stage. If you're in a process of self-discovery around your true nature and purpose and how to express this, know that you are on your way and if you desire any support, see Illumination Sessions to help you unveil and activate this within.