"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.... Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~ Albert Einstein

Wholly Grail

Wholly Grail is the very first round table of Grail Leadership.

It’s how we live and embody the principles and values of Grail Leadership ~ Holly & Julia expressing their genius through the organism of Grail Leadership and Dawn expressing hers through Activate Millions, all three co-creating as stewards of the Wholly Grail.

This is what we call a Sovereign United Nexus (SUN) ~ harmoniously co-creating in unity through each of us being in our sovereignty as whole and complete individuals.

This is also where we have been prototyping our Toroidal Abundance Model, exploring new forms of regenerative finance that are aligned with the flow of nature.

We have experienced incredible transformations through these new-paradigm ways of being and doing in the space beyond competition, silos and scarcity ~ unleashing abundance and mutual thriving, each finding our own unique gifts while celebrating and supporting each other in doing the same.

And we know it is entirely possible for you and your organization to do the same ~ to generate the impact you are here to make while regenerating mutual thriving for all involved in its co-creation.

It is our greatest joy to explore with you all the ways to create a container for that to emerge, to share with you what we have been discovering, and to witness you having similarly transformative experiences. We delight in working alongside you as you implement these round-table principles and innovate your own, all of us sharing the approaches we're pioneering and the transformations we're realizing in this growing community of evolutionary leaders.

Sovereign United Nexus

Wholly Grail is a round-table ecosystem of two living organisms

Activate Millions

embodying Sovereignty

Activate Millions is Dawn's realm, where she works her magic in the areas of self-appreciation, self-empowerment and maverick leadership, supporting individual leaders in remembering all of who they are and the unique genius they bring to the round table.


Grail Leadership

co-creating in Sovereign Unity

Grail Leadership is the realm of sovereignly united round tables and ecosystems, where Holly & Julia work with evolutionary leaders and organizations to experience the fulfillment of their purpose through the weaving of individual gifts and talents in mutually thriving ways.


Regenerative financial flow

Through the Toroidal Abundance Model we have been prototyping, we contribute our income from Grail Leadership and Activate Millions to the Wholly Grail Chalice, which is then circulated in a regenerative way as follows:

  • 55% (Fruit): the Round Table member who brought money into the Chalice directly through her creations and genius work receives 55% of the amount she generated that month
  • 33% (Roots): thirty-three percent of all the money brought into the Chalice in a month is used to cover the administrative and operational expenses that support the generation of those contributions, including ensuring that our essentials for thriving are met
  • 12% (Seeds): the remaining 12% of all the money brought into the Chalice in a month is allocated to seeding and nourishing the round-table initiatives of other members of the Wholly Grail community that are contributing to the co-creation of a world in sovereign unity and mutual thriving.

It is our intention that, as we grow, the percentages will shift to a much smaller percentage going to operational expenses and a much larger percentage flowing to seeding members' round-table initiatives. 

Organized as an unincorporated church

As of December 20, 2021, we formalized our organization with a Charter and Declaration of an Unincorporated Self-Supported Spiritual Church Organism known as the Wholly Grail.

Why an unincorporated church?

We have been operating since inception as a nonprofit organization devoted to the sovereign unity and mutual thriving of people and the Earth. While we are not mired in the absolutism and dogma of many religions, we are grounded in an inherent knowing of our direct connection and co-creation with the unconditional love of the Universal Creator, Nature, and all life.

In this way, we are rooted in the fertile soil that has been seeded by beings who were living embodiments of Sovereign Unity consciousness, as well as the communities who came together to honor, embody and nurture those seeds ~ including Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, the Cathars, the Celts and Druids, the Grail Knights and the Well Maidens, and Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table.

For several reasons, it did not feel aligned to incorporate as a nonprofit corporation or as a 501(c)(3) church. We operate globally, with Holly and Dawn in the US, Julia in Australia, and members of our community all over the world. And we operate in what we call the Beyond Field ~ beyond the opposition of polarities and divisiveness that characterize our governmental bodies.

In many ways, it feels like we as a community are restoring and fulfilling the original intention of a church ~ a congregation of people who experience the love and support of a divinely harmonious energy that arises through and is greater than the sum of its individual aspects.