“Only as high as I reach can I grow; only as far as I seek can I go.
Only as deep as I look can I see; only as much as I dream can I be.” ~ Karen Ravn

Holly McCann

Whole Systems Visionary

I've made the rounds in nearly all areas of business and leadership, spanning three careers: in the corporate world as a lawyer and executive; in the entrepreneurial and small business worlds as the owner of two retail stationery boutiques; and in the information marketing world as a solopreneur and leadership coach. 

It's clear to me that I came in to deeply understand leadership from many angles ~ and to transform what it means to be a leader, from the inside out. How can we shift the orientation from seeking power outside of ourselves to being sourced in our own inner power, connected and aligned with the regenerative force of nature?  For me, that looks like a world in Sovereign Unity ~ leading from a place of wholeness, abundance, and integration with ourselves, each other and the planet {aka mutual thriving}.

I love exploring the outer bounds of what is possible when we work together within and across organizations, operating in synergy rather than silos. And I am beyond thrilled to now be taking all that I've experienced through this amazing journey, delighting in my "work" as a whole systems visionary to co-create with heart-centered, impact-driven leaders like you as we leverage the infinite potential of business as a force for good.

I also love exploring this magnificent planet through international travel, hiking, paddle boarding, and stargazing ~ tuning in to the ancient wisdom and sacred mythos of people and land.

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What they're saying...

Ric Pratte

Founder, AVL Digital Nomads

When true leaders bring people together, magic happens. That's exactly what Holly McCann created at our recent AVLDN strategic planning retreat. As a master of regenerative leadership, Holly guided us on a journey to rediscover our purpose. The energy was apparent as inspiration struck and ideas coalesced into a shared vision for our future. Holly demonstrated that leadership is not a position or title, but rather an act of service. By selflessly leading us to look within, she transformed how we plan to lead others going forward. Our sincere gratitude to Holly for facilitating the connections that remind us of our greater mission. The ripples from her impact will be felt far beyond AVL Digital Nomads.

Mark Smith

Co-founder & President,Ā Envelopments, Inc.

Holly has been a customer, and a comrade in our industry. Getting to know her over the years has come with many surprises ... all positive. Holly has skills, knowledge and passion she is able to apply in any situation. Her presence of mind is fluid and able to stretch to meet the challenges presented. Many times the challenges were not even obvious until Holly dug in to determine what they were. This fierce focus mixed with a wide peripheral vision enables her to apply a synergistic design solutions approach to getting things done.

Jane Boatman Geller

Creative Director, Boatman Group

Creative. Innovative. Leader...Ā Just a few words that best describe Holly. It was my good fortune to partner with Holly as one of our retailers ~ one of the few who approached our volatile market with creative ideas to address some of the biggest issues. Holly is a unique and powerful mix of business and creativity. Those of us fortunate to have worked with her know just how special she is!

Ed Manning

Executive Director, Leadership Asheville

Through several conversations, both in-depth and far-out, it is clear to me that Holly is a forward-thinking, compassionate and effective leader. She has that visionary, risk-taking spirit of an entrepreneur and is grounded in a wealth of experience from her time as a corporate executive and from running her own business. She has consistently focused on her own growth while helping to support the growth of others.Ā 

Heidi Campbell

Owner, Stationery Loft

I should've started working with Holly ages before I did. WOW! My revenues doubled in the year of our work. I have grown as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother, as a human being. Additionally, I now have a solid foundation and tools to continue moving all of my successes forward. It should be noted I have an MBA. What I gained from Holly goes far beyond what they teach in graduate school. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!