Boulder, Colorado

About Me

I've made the rounds in nearly all areas of business and leadership, spanning three careers: in the corporate world as a lawyer and executive; in the entrepreneurial and small business worlds as the owner of two retail stationery boutiques; and in the information marketing world as a solopreneur and leadership coach. 

It's clear to me that I came in to deeply understand Leadership from many angles ~ and to transform what it means to be a Leader, from the inside out. How can we shift the orientation from seeking power outside of ourselves to being sourced in our own inner power, connected and aligned with the regenerative force of nature?  For me, that looks like a world in Sovereign Unity ~ leading from a place of integration, wholeness, abundance and focused on serving ourselves, each other and the planet {aka mutual thriving}.

I love exploring the outer bounds of what is possible when we work together within and across organizations, operating in synergy rather than silos. And I am beyond thrilled to now be taking all that I've experienced through this amazing journey, expressing my essential genius as a visionary leader to serve and co-create with impact-driven leaders like you as we leverage the infinite potential of business as a force for good, anchor more unconditional love and true prosperity on the planet, and embody life and leadership in sovereign unity.


My Original Intention

Cultivating a new paradigm of round-table leadership,
working with powerful visionary leaders to bring their fullest contribution to life
by appreciating their essential genius and harmonizing
their love for humanity and the earth,
the wisdom gleaned from their grail journey
and the true power flowing from within their original intention

Keys & Codes to my Original Intention

Birthday: 12-12 
I love the number 12! (12 knights of the Round Table, zodiac, apostles, months...)
Activation Code: Safety & Security
Human Design: Manifestor 4/6; Right Angle Cross of Rulership
Gene Keys Pearl: 2 (Dislocation - Orientation - Unity); 5th line: Power
Enneagram: 7 (Epicurean) with 8 wing (Challenger)
Kolbe Work Style: 7 Fact Finder; 3 Follow-Through; 9 Quickstart; 1 Implementor

Magical Curiosities

  • I lived in 30 different houses before the age of 18.
  • I was a blackjack dealer in Lake Tahoe, helping to fund college, law school and a European backpacking trip.
  • I eat and write left-handed, but play sports right-handed.
  • I have ridiculous amounts of fun and adventure with my son Lane and daughter Carly ~ we pinch ourselves that we each independently chose to move to Denver and Boulder.
  • My favorite place to have a meeting is on a hiking trail.
  • I wrote an appellate court brief and presented the argument for it in the California Supreme Court.
  • I seem to have a superpower of manifesting into my experience the key influencer in an area at a time when I am intensely passionate about their world:  
    • While campaigning for Barack Obama in his first presidential bid, I found myself unexpectedly at a campaign rally, somehow standing in just the right spot to shake his hand ~ and felt an odd familiarity when our eyes met.
    • At a time when I was consuming everything written by marketing guru Seth Godin, I found myself chatting  backstage with him at a trade show in New York, where he asked me pointed questions about the two startups I was launching there.
    • A week after deciding to donate a portion of my profits to Room to Read, inspired by his book Leaving Microsoft, I found myself meeting the charity's founder John Wood in my city and agreeing to start a local chapter. Within a month, I was teamed up with him in a mock Olympics game while dressed in 1980's sports attire at a chapter leaders conference.
    • During a deep inquiry about how to do business while doing good, I unexpectedly shared lunch and a deep heart-to-heart conversation about following your bliss with Tim Koogle, founding CEO of Yahoo and entrepreneurial philanthropist.

About Me (long version)

My Journey of (Be) Coming Home: the Illusion of the American Pipe Dream

A tale of my quest for the Holy Grail of success through three careers in business ~ from corporate executive, to business owner, to solopreneur; the magic carpet ride that shattered all of that through my great crash and descent into the underworld; and the discovery of the Wholly Grail, excavating the buried treasure I found in (be) coming home.

"Creative. Innovative. Leader... Just a few words that best describe Holly. It was my good fortune to partner with Holly as one of our retailers ~ one of the few who approached our volatile market with creative ideas to address some of the biggest issues. Holly is a unique and powerful mix of business and creativity. Those of us fortunate to have worked with her know just how special she is!"

Jane Boatman Geller
Creative Director at the Boatman Group

"Through several conversations, both in-depth and far-out, it is clear to me that Holly is a forward-thinking, compassionate and effective leader. She has that visionary, risk-taking spirit of an entrepreneur and is grounded in a wealth of experience from her time as a corporate executive and from running her own business. She has consistently focused on her own growth while helping to support the growth of others."

Ed Manning
Executive Director at Leadership Asheville

"Holly has been a customer, and a comrade in our industry. Getting to know her over the years has come with many surprises ... all positive. Holly has skills, knowledge and passion she is able to apply in any situation. Her presence of mind is fluid and able to stretch to meet the challenges presented. Many times the challenges were not even obvious until Holly dug in to determine what they were. This fierce focus mixed with a wide peripheral vision enables her to apply a synergistic design solutions approach to getting things done."

Mark Smith
Cofounder & President at Envelopments, Inc.

"I should’ve started working with Holly ages before I did. WOW! My revenues doubled in the year of our work. I have grown as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother, as a human being. Additionally, I now have a solid foundation and tools to continue moving all of my successes forward. (It should be noted, I have an MBA. What I gained from Holly goes far beyond what they teach in graduate school.) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"

Heidi Campbell
Owner, Stationery Loft

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