Burnout to Breakthrough

Moving Beyond Extractive Business
to Regenerative Leadership

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As leaders who are here to lead differently, it can be challenging to work in conventional models of business. But what's the alternative?

How do we stop burning out ourselves, our team members & stakeholders, and our planet? How do we move from surviving in silos to working in ways that generate more thriving? 

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~ Albert Einstein

Nature is continually showing us how to live and lead in more regenerative ways. The more we align our organizations and initiatives with nature, the more we can work together in synergy as members of interconnected living ecosystems.

Holly delivered this presentation to a group of entrepreneurs in Asheville, North Carolina in late September 2023 ~ exploring ways we can work with the recurring patterns in nature to operate more efficiently and joyfully in regenerative roundtables.

In this workshop, Holly shared practical ways you can align yourself and your business with nature’s principles to: 

  • lead an organization that is beyond sustainable;
  • make a truly meaningful impact; and
  • foster greater well-being for yourself, your organization & stakeholders, and the planet.

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It's time to move beyond the old success-by-sacrifice model into a more regenerative way of leading.

Discover how integrating a whole-systems, nature-based approach can support you in making your desired impact while also cultivating more thriving for you, your organization & stakeholders, and your community.

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Burnout to Breakthrough
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