“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." ~ Pablo Picasso

Sovereign Contributions

Whether you'd like to contribute an additional amount for a course, program or service you've engaged in ~ or you're here to make a purely philanthropic offering to support Grail Leadership ~ we greatly appreciate you!


The regenerative impact of your contribution


We are devoted to transforming leadership on Earth, working with stewards of regenerative initiatives to exponentially expand their beneficial impact by aligning their organizations with nature's principles of wholeness in round-table ecosystems.

All courses in Grail Leadership {and even some consulting services} are offered on a "pay what you choose" basis ~ an approach that honors our work while providing freedom of choice for the individual or initiative.

Your contribution allows us to support more leaders in practically implementing a whole-systems approach to fulfill their mission ~ so they can contribute their essential genius, make the impact they are uniquely designed to make, and generate more mutual thriving for people and the planet.

And, as part of our Toroidal Abundance model, all income in excess of our operating expenses goes back into the chalice to help fund more regenerative initiatives.

The sovereignty in your contribution


At the heart of Grail Leadership is the notion of Sovereign Unity ~ the remembrance that we are each a whole, sovereign being who is also inextricably interconnected, in unity with all life.  

In our Sovereign Contributions model, we are contributing our genius and offering the principles of Grail Leadership without expectation of a particular payment in exchange. In making your contribution, we invite you to choose an amount that feels clean and right to you ~ one that honors and supports our work and is aligned with your current financial capacity.

As we each make our contributions, we generate a ripple effect, continually contributing to more mutual thriving in the world.  

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