This video is a tribute to you, the Grail leaders, the true heroes of our future….

The Way of Wholeness

This is a tribute to you, the Grail leaders, the true heroes of our future….

We honor you for being a beacon of possibility in a sea of chaos as we move through the most monumental shift in Earth’s history.

You are the bravest of the brave, valiantly moving through challenges and initiations that few even dare to attempt. 

You’ve faced immense pressure to take on a version of yourself that is far less than who you truly are.

From the moment you were born, the world told you that you needed to conform in order to belong, to succeed, to survive. But something in you knew that wasn’t the whole story. 

You found a way to fit in ~ but you always stood out. People noticed your brilliance {even when you tried to hide it}. 

You are extraordinary.


You possess the qualities of the player everyone wants on their team, the parent every child wishes they had, and the child every parent dreams of raising ~ qualities like inner strength, perseverance, honor, integrity and love for all life.

You see more, know more, question more, and feel more.

You are a pioneer.

You’re naturally curious, a seeker, an explorer of all this magnificent world has to offer. 

You’ve immersed yourself in a variety of spiritual practices, careers, hobbies, historical eras and cultures ~ enriching your life with experiences rather than things.

You’ve traveled down many enchanted roads in your quest for truth ~ engaging fully, but often walking away disillusioned. 

At some point, you realized that no single, well-trodden path would ever be the one for you. You needed to chart your own course, weaving the golden threads from all those explorations into a magic carpet.

Taking flight, you left behind stable jobs, lucrative careers, relationships, homes, money, personal belongings, even entire belief systems ~ creating space for a life that honors your true nature.

Where conformity is the norm, you seem a bit bizarre, unstable, irresponsible, overly optimistic, idealistic, mystical, heretical or even hysterical. 

You don’t fit the mold.

Of course you don’t ~ you’re here to break it!

Rather than simply existing in a life half-lived, your whole life is a Hero’s Journey.

Something greater has been calling you, testing you, honing you.

That’s why personal success is not enough for you. You need to make a meaningful impact. 

You are on a mission.

You’re leading a business, initiative or vision that’s driven by much more than profit alone ~ devoted to humanity and the Earth.

You come alive working in your genius zone. If money were no object, you’d do it for free.

But money is an object.

You’re struggling to gain traction in your mission and meet your basic needs. Especially lately, as the mounting financial pressure threatens to collapse the entire system.

You’re facing the ultimate challenge: your vision is from the future ~ but you’re having to land it here and now. 

The current reality is based on Scarcity, Sacrifice and Survival ~ and it’s nearly run its course.

Many impact-driven leaders are still playing that game, though, seeing no other way to move their initiative forward.

But you’re designed for something different ~ for a world of Abundance and Mutual Thriving.

You’re part of an exceptional squad ~ the legends of our epic past and the pioneers of our thriving future. 

With every shift in ages, there’s a very small yet powerful group of true leaders ~ those who expand the bounds of the known world, demonstrating what’s possible by living it.

The world may not see you yet ~ but deep down you know who you are, and so do we....

You are a Grail leader...


... a carrier of the Wholly Grail codes; a keeper of the keys that unlock human potential; a sacred guardian of all life.

You are attuned to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world.

Aligned with Nature’s principles, your instinct is to operate in synergy.

And that’s where humanity’s heading ~ into a world thriving in co-creation.

But an evolutionary leap like this doesn’t happen to us, it can only happen through us.

And we’re at a critical crossroads ~ choosing between mass extinction or mass flourishing.

Now’s the time to honor our original agreements as stewards ~ in relationship with this extraordinary planet.

And you know your unique contribution is essential. You’ve been preparing for this your whole life.

You just need a way forward that feels right for you ~ one that allows you to fulfill your mission and thrive.

For Grail leaders, there’s really only one way to shift out of scarcity and sacrifice.

It’s Nature’s way ~ and it’s the way of your original design....

It’s the way of wholeness.

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The Way of Wholeness: Live Your Mission and Thrive

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The Way of Wholeness

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