Quest for the Wholly Grail

the Heroic Journey Home

The path of the evolutionary pioneer to bring your masculine & feminine into harmony and wholeness

Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries. ~ Carl Jung

Quest for Sovereignty
Return to Unity
Sovereign Unity

The Heroic Journey is the path you innately follow throughout your life. Most stop midway, existing in a life half-lived in a predominantly masculine world. For those who courageously persevere, embodying both their masculine and feminine, it's a path of true freedom and fulfillment.

It's where you discover and embody your authentic nature, your unique genius, and your capacity for true co-creation ~ beyond the drama and trauma of wounds and power struggles.

This 4-part course guides you through the stages of this epic Quest for the Wholly Grail.

As you see the archetypal journey clearly mapped out, you'll be able to see the milestones in your own life and plot where you are now, where you've been and where you're heading.

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This 4-part course offers an opportunity for you to gain huge insights into the path of the evolutionary pioneer.

You’ll recognize what it actually takes on a personal and soul level to be a Grail leader ~ what it means to truly lead from wholeness, rather than our wounds.

As you see your own experiences and milestones reflected in the stages of this archetypal journey, you’ll come to deeply appreciate how truly heroic you are!

Includes four content-rich videos and practical tools for implementation and integration.

You are a hero ~ a pioneer of our thriving future…

… even though the world may not fully see you {yet}.

Did you know there is a pattern and purpose to the unfolding of your amazing life?

At some level, it’s the path of possibility for every human being. But few dare to follow it all the way through ~ choosing to live a life half-lived in the well-worn grooves of the conventional world.

That’s never been enough for you, though. You’ve always been a seeker, an explorer, curious about what’s up around the next bend, knowing there must be more to life than the widely accepted definition of success.

Oh, you may have tried to fit in ~ but you always stood out.

You are destined for something greater. You are here on a mission ~ driven by an internal calling to make a meaningful impact.

You’re devoted to humanity and the Earth, contributing to the most monumental shift in the history of our civilization. We’re collectively moving from a survival-based world of scarcity and separation, emerging into a future where people and the planet are thriving together.

This momentous leap for humankind requires whole leaders.

Those who have moved beyond the drama and trauma of win-lose power struggles ~ creating from wholeness rather than their wounds.

Those who have left behind a life of conforming to society’s definition of who they needed to be, and unleashing the brilliance of their own true nature.

Those who have found a source of incredible power in their connection to all life, oriented to their own inner compass, having no need to take power or control over others.

Those who dared to go all the way through a heroic journey of personal transformation ~ knowing we will experience peace on earth as we resolve the war within ourselves.

We're moving beyond the Hero's Journey.

Joseph Campbell wrote about the Hero’s Journey ~ the external quest for sovereignty in a masculine-dominant world, believing it only applied to men.

Years later, Maureen Murdock developed the Heroine’s Journey to describe the path of contemporary women and their inner psycho-spiritual world.

These are the archetypal patterns that lie beneath the classic myths and legends ~ the templates that have driven the popularity of best-selling novels and blockbuster movies.

It’s time to write a new story…

one where the masculine hero and the feminine heroine that exist within us all are working together ~ one where we come fully alive, thriving in our unique genius.

That’s why Holly created the Heroic Journey, weaving the masculine Quest for Sovereignty and the feminine Return to Unity into the harmony and wholeness of Sovereign Unity.

This is the path of the evolutionary pioneer.

The story of your heroic life.

As a Grail leader, you are called by something deeper ~ courageously venturing down a path where you discover your authentic nature, unleash your unique genius, and embody your capacity for true co-creation at the Round Table.

That’s why this epic quest is vital to the fulfillment of your mission ~ and foundational to Grail Leadership.

No longer seeking outside of yourself, you are here to embody wholeness.

At home within your own being, you step into stewardship ~ in connection with nature and devoted to the well-being of all.

The Quest for the Wholly Grail:

the Heroic Journey Home

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Sovereign Contribution
Choose an amount that feels clean and right to you ~ one that both honors our work and respects your current financial capacity.

In this 4-part course, Holly will guide you through the epic Quest for the Wholly Grail.


You'll gain huge insights into what it actually takes on a personal and soul level to be a Grail leader, living and leading from wholeness.

You’ll view your experiences from a whole new perspective, watching the crazy twists and turns of your life align themselves into an incredibly intelligent design.

You'll realize the way each and every milestone supports you in living into your authentic self and fulfilling your mission.

As you see what this truly heroic journey entails, you’ll come to more deeply appreciate where you’ve been and be better equipped for what lies ahead!

Includes four content-rich videos and practical tools for implementation and integration.

Sovereign Contributions

Sovereign Contributions is our name for a "pay what you choose" system that honors your sovereignty and freedom of choice. In registering for a course, you can decide on an amount that feels clean and right to you ~ one that respects both our work and your current financial capacity.

It is my hope and intention that you conclude this course with a deep love and appreciation for all the facets of yourself and your courageous, pioneering soul ~ and that you feel seen and valued for the heroic being you truly are!