Quest for the Wholly Grail:

the Heroic Journey Home

A 4-week group exploration of the mythic quest
to reclaim your true self and thrive

The adventure begins April 1, 2024!

Moving beyond either the Hero’s Journey for men or the Heroine’s Journey for women, the Heroic Journey is about the masculine and feminine energies within us all. 

The pioneers of our time are on an epic journey ~ a wildly mythic and earthly grounded quest to heal and integrate these seemingly opposing forces into harmony, wholeness, and thriving.

This Heroic Journey is both universal and deeply personal. Fortunately, your soul knows the way, holding the treasure map that has been custom designed just for you and your vital mission here.

Join me and other pioneering leaders for a 4-week group adventure as we explore this archetypal journey and your personal treasure map designed specifically by and for you.

Mapping the milestones of your life through the arc of the Heroic Journey, you'll experience greater clarity and focus around your unique mission and a deep appreciation for the brilliant design of your life.

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As a member of this special group experience, you will receive:
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We begin April 1st!

"Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries." ~ Carl Jung

You are here to live fully and thrive

Most are merely existing in a life half-lived, numbed out by an imbalanced masculine approach to safety, security and success.

Few dare to enter the abyss of the unknown ~ the realm of the feminine where magic, pure potential, and an innate connection with all life reside… and where the treasure of your unique gifts are buried, held in safekeeping in the innermost temple of you.

You have courageously chosen to follow the calling of your soul. On the Heroic Quest to come fully alive, you release limitations that have bound you to a conventional world, reclaim your essential genius, and embody your true nature.

This is the path of the evolutionary pioneer ~ ushering in peace on Earth as you resolve the war within and come home to your whole self.

The Heroic Journey

Week 1: Beyond the Hero's Journey

We begin our journey at base camp, with an overview of the Hero's Journey and the Heroine's Journey. And I'll introduce you to my updated, synthesized version ~ the Heroic Journey. 

Week 2: Quest for Sovereignty

During the Hero phase of the Heroic Journey, we'll be following a clearly marked trail through the outward, masculine realm of the Known world.

Week 3: Return to Unity

Moving through the Dark Night of the Soul, we'll plunge into the Heroine Phase, where we reconnect with the feminine and reclaim our buried treasure.

Week 4: Embodying Sovereign Unity

This is where you head toward home, healing and integrating your entire journey, emerging into the fullness of your true self ~ and thriving as you share your magic elixir with the world.

The Quest of Your Life

We begin April 1st!
Join your fellow pioneers

 Register now for this extraordinary 4-week group trek
through the Heroic Journey of your life

Only $199

Bring a friend and save $50 each!



It is my hope and intention that you conclude this course with a deep love and appreciation for all the facets of yourself and your courageous, pioneering soul ~ and that you feel seen and valued for the heroic being you truly are!