Align yourself and all your creations
with harmony, wholeness and abundance.


You know you're here for something greater.

You have a meaningful contribution to make. Even if it’s not yet fully clear, you feel its presence ~ moving you, shaping you, preparing you for exactly this moment.

You're done striving for conventional success in ways that leave you feeling empty and exhausted. You long to thrive in a life filled with meaning, purpose, and connection.

You are bursting with desire to bring your work more fully into the world, to create a new initiative ~ or take your existing one to a whole new level.

But you may be wondering how to do that in a way that feels most aligned for you ~ in a way that generates more life and vitality rather than depleting it.

You are designed to thrive.

In a world where you've been led to believe that you are separate from Nature, you look outside of yourself ~ for guidance, direction, and power. And that outside world tells you that you need to work really hard to produce, achieve, and prove your worth.

But that is not how Nature operates. Everything in Nature is created from the inside out ~ unfolding, unfurling, and birthing from within, according to their own unique set of innate instructions and timing.

And you? You are Nature ~ a living ecosystem unto itself, interconnected with all other living ecosystems ~ designed to live in harmony, wholeness and abundance.

You are not here to exhaust yourself just to survive. You are here to remember how magnificent you truly are, to make a meaningful impact and thrive. 

You have everything you need.

Ghost of King Arthur

You are here for a very specific purpose. Your original intention ~ all that you desired to learn, experience, create and contribute to the world ~ is wired into your DNA.

And everything in your life is perfectly orchestrated to support you in fulfilling that original intention.

As you remember your soul song and orient to this organizing principle at the center of your being, you experience tremendous clarity, synchronicity, and peace.

Every creation has a unique purpose.

Just as every child has their own soul song, every business or initiative has an original intention ~ a reason for its coming into existence at this time and the unique impact it is designed to generate.

To lead a truly regenerative venture, you must come to know the original intention of your initiative, continually tune into its unique soul song, and focus all your decisions, actions and resources toward serving that core purpose. 

This creates a field that naturally and magnetically attracts all the people, resources and opportunities your initiative needs to fulfill its mission.

It takes a village.

You are not meant to do it all alone. Nature thrives in ecosystems.

We need each other to help us see who we truly are ~ to help us break through the veils of forgetting, conditioned patterns and survival mechanisms, to reflect back to us our unique genius and innate gifts.

We need a nurturing space ~ filled with unconditional love and support ~ where we can feel safe to dive into the deepest parts of ourselves and to birth all that is wanting to be created through us.

We need to hear our unique soul song sung back to us....

Announcing the birth of the
Soul Song Sanctuary

An intimate 6-month group experience
September 2024 - March 2025

Imagine finding a golden key you hid for yourself...

... one that opens the door to you living in alignment with your true nature, fulfilling your unique mission, and thriving.

As a member of the Soul Song Sanctuary, you will be held in a powerful womb space that supports you and other pioneers of our emerging future in remembering your soul song ~ and tuning into the soul song of all that is being birthed through you.

Over the course of our 6 months together, you will be strongly supported in coming to:

  • deeply know, love and appreciate yourself through the blueprints you designed for your journey here
  • hone in on your original intention, innate gifts, and core purpose
  • clearly¬†communicate the original intention for¬†your¬†initiative¬†or business ~ at any stage, phase or scale
  • align your life and your leadership with the regenerative flow of nature

The Framework

River in forest

Nature-based teachings

Receive valuable content, rich with nature-based teachings, tools & resources for integration and embodiment ~ including a new 20-minute video each month.


Group video calls

Connect more deeply with your peers and receive real-time support with two 90-minute online group coaching sessions with Holly each month.

Doorway in mountain mist

Members-only portal

Engage with other members, share your insights and experiences, and receive ongoing support in an online portal that is exclusive to your group.

Content Modules

You will receive ongoing access online to a member-only program portal ~ complete with all course content, presentation videos, tools and resources ~ with a new content module added each month. 

Song bird

Part 1: Remember your Soul Song

September - November 2024
  • Know Thyself¬†~ dive into¬†the maps & blueprints for your journey {Human Design, Gene Keys & more}
  • Original Intention ~ understand the core organizing principle for your life and purpose
  • Soul Song of Nature ~ discover the geometries, rhythms and flow of regenerative life-force energy
Mountains at sunrise

Integration & Celebration

December 2024

We'll take a break from teachings and calls during the month of December ~ while staying connected through the member portal. This provides you with an important opportunity to integrate all you've explored over the first 3 months, and to celebrate the holiday season in all the ways that are meaningful for you.

Hot air balloon

Part 2: The Soul Song of your Creations

January - March 2025
  • Original Intention¬†~ hone in on the purpose and impact of the mission being birthed through you¬†
  • Craft your Original Intention statement ~ clearly¬†articulate¬†who, what & why your business or initiative is¬†designed to serve
  • Align your Initiative with nature's principles of wholeness, harmony, abundance and mutual thriving

Claim your space

We begin September 9th!

Soul Song Sanctuary mountains and tent under stars

Ready to step into
a whole new octave?

Reserve your spot in this potent incubator for your soul and the new-paradigm creations you are birthing

$3900 USD

with 6 monthly payments of $650
Or save $200 when you pay in full

‚Źį¬†Register by August 8th
and save an additional $300!

Pay only $3600 with the Early Bird rate


Enter a vibrant womb space for yourself and your creations

Here's what you'll receive in this intimate 6-month group experience:

ūüĆĪ Nature-Based Teachings: Receive valuable content and practical tools, resources and embodiment practices ~ all aligned with nature's principles.

ūü•ĺ Experienced Trail Guide: Navigate your journey with expert guidance and embodied wisdom that is tailored to your unique path.

ūüĆü Personal Transformation: Break free from limitations, heal, and emerge as the leader you were destined to be through direct experiential learning.

‚̧ԳŹ Nurturing Incubator: Experience being held in an intimate group container of love and non-judgment that fosters your individual and collective growth.

It's time to sing your soul song and share your genius with the world!



As you remember how to hear the song of your soul, you:

  • remember who you truly are
  • recognize your innate gifts
  • realize the brilliant design of your life‚Äôs journey
  • see clearly your core purpose and the impact you‚Äôre here to make
  • fall madly in love with your whole wild, amazing self
  • orient to the clear guidance of your own inner compass
  • restore your sense of belonging as an integral part of Nature and all life
  • tap into the source of true power and abundance

When you can tune in to the soul song of your creations, you:

  • birth and nourish your initiatives from¬†a wellspring of¬†life-force energy¬†~ at every stage and scale
  • attract all that is needed to fulfill your unique mission
  • navigate uncertainty¬†with curiosity and joy
  • cultivate remarkable connection and engagement with team members and others in your ecosystem
  • bring¬†your initiative into alignment with Nature's¬†principles of¬†harmony, wholeness and¬†mutual thriving
  • lead in a way that is¬†truly regenerative

What They're Saying...

Julia McKeowen

Founder, Pain-Free Living

By bringing my Original Intention to light and aligning my life with it, I have been able to focus my energy and elevate my transformation at warp speed. Everything in my life began to fall into place effortlessly and beautifully, much like the workings of nature. Holly's exceptional ability to hold space, combined with her wisdom, stories, and insights, has led to significant shifts and a deep remembering of my soul's journey.

Ric Pratte

Founder, AVL Digital Nomads

As a master of regenerative leadership, Holly guided us on a journey to rediscover our purpose. Holly demonstrated that leadership is not a position or title, but rather an act of service. By selflessly leading us to look within, she transformed how we plan to lead others going forward. Our sincere gratitude to Holly for facilitating the connections that remind us of our greater mission. The ripples from her impact will be felt far beyond AVL Digital Nomads.

It is my intention that, through this experience, you will step into an entirely new octave ~ experiencing a connection to your own true nature and a wellspring of abundant resources that will remain with you, informing and infusing all your creations for the rest of your life.