Wellspring Retreat

Isle of Iona & Kilmartin | Scotland

March 27 - April 2, 2025

Return to the source point of humanity... Remember the wholeness of you.

It's time to remember your wholeness

Once upon a time, you courageously agreed to be among the first to remember your wholeness. When the time was right, you would embody the knowing that you are a whole and complete aspect of Source. 

Now is that time....  As the Separation Age draws to a close, it's time to alchemize the many aspects of yourself into the harmony and wholeness of sacred union; time to remember and restore your original blueprint; time to realize the full potential of what it means to be human.

The land remembers... and will remind you

The sacred Isle of Iona is the origin point, the birthplace of humanity. Many eons ago, Iona stood as the epicenter of Eden ~ a holy peak at the connection point of Heaven to Earth, the sacred home of the ancestors, the Sidhe. 

It's time to restore the memory of the true Grail within our hearts and our planet.

As you walk among the ancient stones and touch the healing waters of the mystical well, you will unlock and activate memories within yourself ~ memories that the elementals of this land have been holding in safekeeping for you from the beginning; memories of your original design and the blueprint for humanity.

Here is what awaits you


7-Day Mystical Journey

An immersion in nature, sacred landscape and sites that have held powerful spiritual and historical significance throughout time ~ the Isle of Iona, Kilmartin Glen, Dunadd, Loch Lomond, and Rosslyn Chapel.

Soul Connection

This will be a reunion of sorts, as you (re)connect with a curated group of fellow participants and your three facilitators ~ both prior to and during the retreat. Perhaps most importantly, you'll experience a deeper connection with yourself and your magnificent soul's journey. 

Grail Teachings

Scotland is a land rich in both myth and mystery, steeped in the original Grail teachings and yet reaching far beyond what we know as the Arthurian legends. Three facilitators will be sharing with you a wealth of wisdom embodied over many years (and lifetimes) of deep study and lived experiences. Sacred union of the masculine & feminine, Knights Templar, ley lines, dragons, ancient origin stories, and more! 


~ Explorations ~ 

 Loch Lomond &
Trossachs National Park

We'll spend our first day driving through the Trossachs National Park ~ an idyllic area known for its sparkling lochs, crumpled hills and sleepy forests. It's here that you'll feel your Celtic spirit come alive as we begin to connect with the elementals of this land. 

We'll enjoy a leisurely lunch in a beautiful village on the shores of Loch Lomond, nestled at the gateway to the enchanting Scottish Highlands. 

Then we'll make our way to the ferries that will take us to the sacred isle of Iona.

Isle of Iona

Although a tiny island in the Inner Hebrides, Iona contains several sites of tremendous spiritual and historical significance ~ including the Iona Abbey founded by St. Columba in the 6th century, the medieval St. Oran's Chapel, the burial site of 60 kings & chieftains, the ancient home of the Druids, the Priestesses of Ank, and Brighid's Well of Eternal Youth.

Legends connect Iona to the Holy Family, King Arthur, and the Stone of Destiny. Some have said that Mary Magdalene and Yeshua had a son named John Martinus, who was raised on Iona and later became instrumental in the creation of the Knights Templar.

A place of heart opening, Iona nurtures a deep connection to your soul origin.

Kilmartin Glen

Feeling the air of ceremony that lingers palpably here, you'll be transported through more than 5,000 years of ritual and wonder.

Nowhere in Scotland (or perhaps even Europe) is there a greater concentration of prehistoric remains from the Neolithic and Bronze Age ~ with chambered cairns, standing stones, stone circles, a henge monument, numerous cists, and the intriguing petroglyphs known as "cup and ring" marks.

Although their origins and purposes remain a mystery, their astronomical alignments imply they may have been used for rituals, ancestor worship, or as sacred burial grounds.


Where kings were chosen by the land and vowed to serve and protect the Goddess and all beings in her realm.... 

Dunadd is a hilltop fort that was the seat of the ancient Dál Riata kingdom, and quite possibly the home of the man who inspired the Arthurian legends.

Atop the ruins of the ancient hillfort lie unique stone carvings, including a footprint and basin thought to have formed part of Dál Riata's coronation ritual.

Art√ļr mac √Āed√°n, son of √Āed√°n mac Gabr√°in and great-great-grandson of Fergus M√≥r, lived here in the 6th century ~ with ties to St. Columba and the Stone of Destiny.

Rosslyn Chapel

Described as ‚Äúa poem of stone, powered by stars,‚ÄĚ Rosslyn Chapel has been shrouded in myth and mysticism since its founding by¬†William Sinclair in 1450.

One of the finest examples of Scottish Gothic architecture, it is said to be modeled after the Temple of Solomon. Legend holds that, in the height of the Crusades, a small group of Templar Knights fled to Scotland with gold and holy relics, some of which were buried in the Rosslyn Chapel vault.

The stone chapel is¬†filled with¬†intricate¬†carvings¬†of¬†biblical, pagan and Celtic symbolism.¬†The¬†famed ‚ÄúApprentice Pillar,‚ÄĚ a double helix-shaped column said to depict a DNA sequence, is linked to the founding myth of Freemasonry.

After touring the chapel, we will wander through the mystical Rosslyn Glen, where a local tour guide and expert will reveal even more of the magical secrets held in this amazing place.

~ Accommodations ~

St. Columba Hotel

We will spend 5 nights on Iona at the iconic St. Columba Hotel, allowing us to sink in deeply to the spirit of the place. 

You'll be deeply nourished with plenty of time to wander and explore the beautiful isle, to contemplate while sitting within the ancient stone walls of the Abbey, and to enjoy gorgeous sunsets, exquisite food and cozy lodging.

Locally owned & operated, this tranquil hotel sits next to Iona Abbey, with stunning views across the Sound of Iona. We'll be treated with a warm welcome and delicious food, including local meats and seafood combined with fresh produce from their own organic garden.

Inveraray Inn

After a full day exploring Kilmartin Glen and Dunadd in the Highlands, we will spend our last night at one of the most iconic hotels on Scotland's west coast. Opened in 1755 and lovingly updated, the historic inn provides stunning views overlooking Loch Fyne. 

We'll celebrate our final dinner together in the inn's gorgeous dining room. Surrounded by elegance, we'll be treated to delicious home-cooked dishes with a mixture of excellent local foods and traditional Highland charm. 

~ Details ~

What's Included

  • Lovely accommodations in¬†historic inns
  • All domestic¬†transportation within retreat itinerary
  • Breakfast (6 mornings) and dinner (6 evenings)
  • Entrance fees to sites within itinerary
  • Three facilitators with a wealth of wisdom¬†& insights to share¬†
  • Group calls sharing Grail teachings
  • Private WhatsApp group

What's Not Included

  • Round-trip airfare to and from Edinburgh
  • Personal transportation to retreat meeting¬†place
  • Lunches
  • Wine, beer, other specialty drinks
  • Gifts and other personal items
  • Customary tipping of bus driver, local guides and hotel services
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

~ Registration ~

Feeling the call? Reserve your spot

This very special retreat is for those who feel deeply called to reconnect with this sacred land, the ancestors, and your most authentic being.

Designed for deep connection, this sacred journey is open to only 15 participants plus 3 facilitators. 

Once registered, you will receive access to a private group portal that contains all of the details you will need (helpful flight information, detailed itinerary, packing lists, group call details, and more). 

$4400 for shared room

$4900 for single room

‚ú® Save $300 when you reserve your seat by June 30th
✨ Save an additional $200 when paying in full
‚ú® Or, make payments and register now with an $800 deposit ($850 single)

Due to the historic nature of our accommodations, a limited number of single occupancy rooms are available. 
Rooms vary in shapes and sizes, and will be fairly assigned based on the order of registration.


~ Facilitators ~

Holly McCann

Hi there! I'm Holly, a pioneer, explorer, visionary, mother to two amazing humans {and recently became a grandmother to one more!}. I'm also the founder & vision keeper of Grail Leadership. 

Ten years ago, after careers as a lawyer & corporate executive, the founder of fine stationery boutiques, and a business coach & consultant, I let go of it all and set out to travel the world in search of more regenerative models of leadership.

Little did I know I was actually embarking on a quest to reclaim my feminine from exile, heal my wounded masculine, and embody my most authentic self. {It turns out that this alchemical journey is also the key to leading in a more holistic, regenerative way!}

This epic quest took me to 12 countries, 4 continents and 2 hemispheres as I immersed myself in a variety of initiatives and deep initiations ~ including several powerful mystical experiences in Scotland, Ireland, England and France.

I now work with leaders to fulfill their mission and thrive by aligning themselves and their organizations with nature's principles of wholeness, harmony and sacred union. 

Michelle Nilson

Hello, my name is Michelle Nilson. I am a nature ally, mystic, and spiritual wisdom facilitator. I have studied with Native American elders, Celtic Wheel traditions, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, flower essences, and energy healing modalities.

I have facilitated spiritual discussion groups and ceremonies for almost 30 years and have co-created a beautiful online woman's circle called Journey With an Cailleach.

Co-facilitation with amazing women is a long held dream of mine. I have co-facilitated tours, retreats, forest talks, and workshops to help others connect back to who they truly are at their core.

I am a certified advanced flower essence practitioner and produce my own range of Irish flower and vibrational essences called Light Essence Elementals and host Create Your Own Flower Essence Dosage Bottle workshops.

Living in Ireland for the past 12 years has allowed me to reconnect to a mystical landscape filled with the ancient wisdom of my Irish ancestors. Working with the spirit of the land and the elemental kingdom has been an amazing journey and gift.


Trista Haggerty

Hi! I'm Trista, modern-day mystic, writer, naturalist and mother of three adult children and several animals. I'm also the founder of the Living Grail School and Sacred Mountain Tours. My journey as a mystic began over 30 years ago when I started traveling with my dear friend and mentor, Helena Shik.

While I didn't realize it at the time, both my travels to sacred sites and life events, that felt very random, were instead a series of ancient initiations and pathways of a divine design.

I've dedicated my life to this work and am passionate about guiding others to discovering their true purpose, spiritual lineage and embodiment of their own divine nature.

I have been leading sacred journeys for the past 10 years, including to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain and Egypt. 

When I'm not traveling, I'm tending to our wilderness retreat center in Upstate NY, creating sacred oils for my Forest Perfumery & Herbarium, or teaching online classes through The Living Grail School.