"I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail." ~ Muriel Strode (1903)

What We Do

We help leaders and organizations bring epic visions to life, unleashing mutual thriving of people and the Earth, through embodying round-table leadership.

Whether engaging with you in private sessions or in group experiences like the Grail Leaders Round Table, we work alongside of you to illuminate the genius that resides within you and your organization, and to alchemize whatever is in the way of its fullest expression.

In true round-table fashion, we dynamically step into a variety of forms as different facets of our unique genius are called forth in any given moment: as archaeologists, alchemists and architects; as catalysts, confidantes and co-creators; as mentors and midwives; as strategists and storytellers. And we see you, appreciate you and celebrate you as you do the same.

As we journey with you along the path of evolutionary leadership, we share from our direct experience gleaned through years of co-creating and the ongoing embodiment of sovereign unity within ourselves.

We honor the heroic journey you are on and appreciate all that you are bringing to the world.

Engage with us

Here are some options for you to explore. We look forward to working with you and all the magic you are bringing to the world!

Land Your Vision

Are you ready to move your vision into reality and create meaningful, regenerative impact? Explore with fellow visionary Holly McCann a whole-systems approach to landing your initiatives through round table leadership and true co-creation.
Choose a single Vision Exploration session or go deeper with the Vision Realization series.

Illuminate Your True Nature

Do you have an emerging business idea, creative piece or vision wanting to be expressed? Meet with Julia to gain epic clarity about how this relates to your original intention {your unique purpose}, your essential genius {what you really love to do}, and how to authentically share your magic with those who are ready to receive it.

Grail Leaders Round Table

Join an intimate group of evolutionary leaders for an extraordinary 12-month journey as you each bring into reality the vision that is moving through you. Experience true co-creation and sovereign unity as you are seen, appreciated and supported for all you bring to the round table.

Unleash Your Core Message

Do you need support creating your website or sales copy, or the overall look and feel of your online ecosystem? Getting to the heart of your core message helps you share your genius and services easily, naturally and authentically.