The Way of Wholeness


The way of Nature. The way of the Grail leader...

Welcome to this 3-part mini-series exploring a way that we can move beyond lack, scarcity and sacrifice ~ and move our initiatives forward, ushering in a world of thriving.


Part 1: Stuck between worlds

With humanity facing their biggest choice between mass extinction or mass flourishing, Grail leaders are being called into purpose. With so much on the line, you're feeling caught between two worlds. Your vision is wired for a new system, but you’re having to build it in the old one....

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Part 2: Finding the way forward

Our whole new world requires a whole new operating system. Yet many initiatives with a regenerative mission are engaging in old-paradigm behaviors ~ that you have well and truly left behind. How can you move your mission forward in a way that feels fully aligned for you and your initiative?

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Part 3: The Way of Wholeness

The Way of Wholeness in Grail Leadership is a coherent ecosystem of whole leaders, whole-systems organizations, and regenerative initiatives coming together in synergy to generate whole, ecosystem-level impact that exponentially ripples out into mutually thriving communities.

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What's next?

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As Holly guides you through the stages of this epic quest, you'll see where you've been and where you’re heading. Discover how your entire journey is designed to support you in being fully alive, living and leading in harmony and wholeness.