“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Why

We see a regenerative future for our world ~ one where people and the ecosystems of this planet are thriving ... together.

Living into this flourishing future will require a radical shift in the systems and structures of our civilization. And that requires a transformative shift in leadership.

The world will change as the leaders change.

The outdated forms of command-and-control leadership are no longer sustainable. And yet the pendulum swing to the opposite ~ to flat "kumbaya" organizations ~ often results in a lack of clarity and direction.

As a civilization, we are moving toward a more dynamic form of leadership, in which:

  • the central vision and direction are clearly articulated and continually refined;
  • the unique genius of each individual is recognized and appreciated as an essential aspect of the whole; and
  • there is a fluid sense of the particular genius and next steps that are being called for in any given moment.

This requires the visionary leaders of our time to alchemize our wounds of leadership, many acquired over lifetimes ~ to fully own and express our genius and our gifts of leadership, to move through our resistance to being "too much" of a leader, and to stand in the authority of the powerful vision that is streaming through us.

This sort of co-creative leadership requires radical self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-appreciation.

It requires the humility of knowing that original intentions can only be fulfilled through the gifts and contributions of many, and the courage to fully show up and play our individual part.

This is at the heart of our Original Intention for the co-creation of Grail Leadership as a womb space where evolutionary leaders feel seen and met as they birth themselves and their initiatives ~ fulfilling their original intentions and bringing about a world in mutual thriving.

Original Intention

Every human being has an original intention for incarnating ~ a raison d’être, the desire for impact that inspired the conception into form.

Similarly, every business, organization, church, community or initiative can be viewed as a living organism with an original intention ~ one that is co-created into form through its visionary and key contributors, giving rise to the new reality that is streaming through them.

Some call this purpose. We see it as something more ~ an original intention is both a primal impulse and a fractal seed that contains all of the information, resources and energy to attract whatever is required for its fulfillment.

Original Intention of
Grail Leadership

Illuminating, nurturing and embodying a world in mutual thriving by helping leaders and organizations birth heroic visions into reality through round table leadership