“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Why

These are the foundational principles that center, ground and guide us as Grail Leadership unfolds into its full potential, creating its desired impact in the world.

We are devoted to the mutual thriving of humanity and the Earth.

We see a regenerative future for our world ~ one where people and the planet are thriving ... together.

Living into this flourishing future will require a radical shift in the systems and structures of our civilization. And that requires a transformative shift in leadership.

A whole new world requires whole-systems leadership.

The outdated forms of command-and-control leadership are no longer sustainable. And yet the pendulum swing to the opposite ~ to flat "kumbaya" organizations ~ often results in a lack of clarity and direction.

As a civilization, we are moving toward holistic organizational models, in which:

  • activity is conducted through resonance and coherence around the fulfillment of a shared vision and clear purpose;
  • the unique genius of each individual is recognized and appreciated as an essential aspect of the whole; and
  • the organization sees itself as a living organism, existing within nested ecosystems of reciprocal relationships.

Whole systems require whole leaders.

The world will change as the leaders change.

Those who are catalyzing and stewarding new-paradigm ventures do not rule by force. Instead, they generate attractor fields, magnetizing the attention and contributions of others who resonate with not only their visions but their authenticity, transparency, vulnerability and radical personal responsibility for their actions and their impact on all stakeholders.

Mutual thriving happens when we’re aligned with the principles of nature.

There is a dawning awareness that the fabric of our world is woven with an energy that is life-giving, self-organizing, self-sustaining, coherent at any scale, abundant, and connected to the limitless potential of the universe.

We are maturing beyond trying to dominate or control what we don’t fully understand in a struggle for survival. We’re realizing that, by aligning with nature, we are able to access the true power, vitality and intelligence that flows through our connection with ourselves, each other and all life.

As we evolve beyond fear, separation and scarcity and move into more holistic systems of co-creation, we come to understand what nature has always known ~ that true well-being and prosperity are functions of a thriving ecosystem.

Original Intention

Some call this purpose. We see the "original intention" of an organism as something more.

Our original intention is an ever-evolving expression of our core purpose as we continue to understand and clarify it, contemplating questions like: Why does Grail Leadership exist? What is our unique genius? What is the impact we are here to make?

Even more powerful than a statement of purpose, we also see the original intention as the energetic blueprint infused in the DNA of the living organism. Like a giant sequoia residing within a pinecone, it's both a primal impulse and a fractal seed that contains all of the information, resources and energy to attract whatever is needed for its full expression.

Original Intention of
Grail Leadership

We’re transforming leadership on Earth,
working with stewards of regenerative initiatives
to fulfill their mission and exponentially expand their impact
by engaging in round-table ecosystems that are aligned
with nature’s principles of wholeness.