“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ~ John Lennon

Who We Are

Co-founders Holly McCann and Julia McKeowen have been embodying the principles of Grail Leadership as we’ve journeyed through decades of business leadership and personal transformation. Since 2019, we have experienced incredible synergy around the round table in our work with regenerative leaders and organizations, contributing our genius to the realization of a mutually thriving world.

We have been brought to tears of awe and appreciation many times as Grail Leadership has emerged from the inside out, revealing the timeless wisdom of the Grail Codes in its own multi-dimensional way. It has required us to look and listen with new eyes and ears to learn what it wants to be and how it wants to serve as an entirely new-paradigm model of co-creation. It has called us into a deeper awareness of what it means to lead as stewards in service of a vision greater than {and yet entirely intertwined with} our own.

The formative years

On December 12, 2018, following a year of profound travel and exploration, Holly published The Hero's Journey of Grail Leadership: Finding the Wholly Grail of Sovereign Unity. Over the next several months Holly and Julia, along with another early co-creator Dawn Nocera, met weekly to share their experiences and insights as they more deeply explored and expanded their own true essence and capacities for collaborative leadership.

Nine months later on September 12, 2019, we launched the Grail Leadership website and began hosting weekly zoom calls for people all over the world on their own leadership journey. We've written articles, conducted interviews and podcasts, produced presentation videos ~ and taken a hiatus during periods when we've been called to hibernate and simply be.

Throughout this time, we've followed our passions, working individually and jointly in mentoring and consulting with impact-driven leaders and organizations all around the world who are devoted to the well-being of people and the planet.

We continue to listen, learn, witness, appreciate, alchemize, integrate, express, prototype and embody the many facets of the Grail Codes and round-table leadership. And we are so excited to see all that will continue to emerge and ripple out from this powerful field!

Founding Co-Creators

We look forward to connecting and co-creating with you!

Holly McCann

Whole Systems Visionary

Julia McKeowen

True Nature Scout